Sunday, March 13, 2011

Visit to Ginger and King

They were named Ginger and Muffin Jr.
This past week we went back to visit our boys!

They are both doing great.  The new owner changed Muffin Jr's name to King (I don't blame him!)
Ginger and King free-range with their hens during the day and are locked up in their coop at night.  They are both still very friendly roosters.

From left, King, Randy and Ginger
It's nice to know that the children of our flock are happy and doing well. 
Ginger is still a goofy rooster.  He loves to be held, and we trained him to eat bugs off the walls.  Maryland is in the midst of a stinkbug plague.  Last autumn there were thousands of stinkbugs all over the outside walls of the chicken coop building.  Randy would hold Ginger up to the wall and Ginger would look for the bugs and peck them off the wall and eat them.  Whenever we held Ginger his head would be all turned sideways looking around for a wall which had bugs on it.  He's still the same.  But, in addition to being a silly rooster, he's a strong leader and a good protector of his flock.  He is the lead rooster and King is #2 in their rooster pecking order.

King and Ginger and the flock


Gail said...

It is always nice when your animals go to a good home.

Verde Farm said...

Doesn’t it make you feel good that they have a good home and are happy and doing well? I have a man coming today to get 30 of my chickens and my heart is a bit sad :(

Unknown said...

Wonderful slice of life story. Your roosters are very pretty. Glad they are happy.

Lauren Wilson said...

Handsome roosters! So great you can visit them :)

Terry said...

They are very handsome. I'm glad they went to a good home.

Farm Girl said...

I am going to train my hens to do that this year. We have stink bugs too and they were horrible last year.
We aren't supposed to have them here by the way. But we did. They are just lovely roosters. I am glad you can still visit.

Razzberry Corner said...

Gail - Yes, it is! It makes me happy.

Amy - Oh my, 30 chickens! Wow, that's alot! :o

Toodie - Little things like this are what life is all about, aren't they?

Lauren - Thanks, they were my "boys"!

Kim - We need to train a hen to eat the stink bugs off the bldg when we hold her. We didn't realize Ginger was a boy when we started training him. Many birds are too hyper to pay attention to the bugs on the wall, but Ginger was focused and calm. Let me know if you train a hen!