About Us

Welcome to our farm! We call it Razzberry Corner. It's not a fancy place, but it's our little corner of the world. We have a historical farmhouse from the 1800's which sits on over 250 acres of beautiful countryside. There's rolling hills here, plenty of woods with winding paths, a few little streams, even an old bridge in the woods. Plus a few old unused farmhouses and barns are out there in the trees, too! We even found an outhouse near one of the farmhouses!

Nature abounds on our property, we seem to take care of all animals that come our way. We have 3 indoor cats, all of which used to be strays but were taken in.  Plus there's two outside cats.  There have been other cats that have visited, but they have gone their own ways now.  We also have a family of raccoons that come up every evening to the back porch, and several opossums sometimes visit with the coons.  Many groundhogs live in our backyard ~ they tend to keep to themselves and don't bother with us much, except to entertain us with their little territory fights.  We have a great horned owl that lives near our dirt road ~ if we look closely we see him at dawn or at dusk.  And the birds - we have so many birds that visit our feeders.

In 2009 we raised a our first chicken chicks and guinea keets, and every year since then we hatch our own chicks from eggs.  We've raised many batches of guinea keets with mama chicken hens, too.  We plan on keeping both chickens and guineas on the farm.

In 2009 we had our first vegetable garden, which seemed to do very well.  In 2010 we had made a larger garden, but it died a terrible death due to a summer drought.  It gets hot here in the summer and our old water well just isn't up to watering both the garden and the house.  We take the garden one year at a time - we'll see how it goes this year!

We are in the process of renovating the house ~ it's a very slow process.  We have many plans and ideas of what we want to do.  One day it will be our dream house. 

I love to bake, although I don't always have much time to spend in the kitchen. Sometimes I post about my baking and include pictures of my latest "adventure" ~ I just can't help it!

And all this is just 20 miles from the nation's capital in Washington, DC.

By all means, comments and recommendations are always welcome! We love to hear from you, even if it's just to say hi or give us a helpful idea!