Monday, February 11, 2013

Guinea Days

Yesterday I spent some quality time at the house without rushing out somewhere else.  I got to enjoy watching the guineas.  In the above photo, four guineas got up on top of my air conditioner unit and were looking into the house through a window at me.  I took this photo through the window from inside.  I love these silly birds, they make me laugh.  Aren't they just the oddest looking bird you've ever seen?

This spotted male guinea seems to be very dominant these days.  He's been leading around a flock of hens.  I can't wait for springtime to see the guineas all pair up.  I hope we have a somewhat even number of males and females this year.

It was almost 50 degrees F out yesterday.  I know much of the northeast US had a huge winter storm a couple days ago.  We got some winds, and now gorgeous weather. Here's to an early spring!  Even the wild daffodils are hoping for springtime!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Houdini Horse

I saw this video of a horse picking locks and loved it!  I had to repost it.  Found it on Yahoo!

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm and happy.  Razzberry Corner has been very busy these days!  Sorry for a few weeks of no posts!  I'll be back when time allows!  I miss you!