Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mystery tree

We try to keep track of what trees we have on our property. It's good to know if we want to keep them around as new, young trees constantly grow here.

We've identified a tree that we just can't figure out what it is. We have many of these "mystery trees" pictured here up close to our house. They may actually be an overgrown bush - many bushes are huge here as they have not been trimmed since time began. The tall ones of these trees are over 30 feet tall, one is about 2 feet in diameter at the base. The young ones are much smaller. The trunk is light wood. It has thick, soft leaves that are fuzzy on the bottom. It sort of looks like a lilac, but it never has flowers and the leaves are much softer. A few of the leaves have what I call the "glove look", as you can see in the pictures, but as the tree matures the leaves get more heart shaped.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be??

Here's a picture of the morning sun shining through the leaves of the mystery tree. I took it standing underneath in the shade.


Country Girl said...

Lynn-You know what sassafras is don't you? The lower picture with the 3 different shaped leaves kind of look like that. Sassafras trees have the 3 differnt leaves on one tree. But The other larger leaves don't look like that exactly. Have you tried looking in a book of trees for your region?

Randy said...

Hi Barb ~ yes, we have Sassafras trees here. This one isn't a Sassafras. It's a softer leaf... I'll go check out the link you emailed me about trees! ~Lynn