Saturday, August 29, 2009

Garden update

Here's the latest pics from our garden.  It's not much this time, just a couple spaghetti squash & cucumbers.  I keep telling myself that next year's garden will be bigger, but I'd like it more varied.  We had way too many squash this year!  But this was our first garden, it's a learning experience, like everything else.  If you'd like some squash, I have some extra ~ just stop on by for a visit!


Anonymous said...

We planted four tomatoes and got so many we can't begin to eat them all. Your produce looks healthy enough and ready to eat.

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Christina said...

Looks good to me. My neighbor planted a huge garden this year and wont stop bringing me cucumbers! While I appreciate his generosity, he needs to stop with the cucumbers already! I have been frying them up like fried green tomato's. They are yummy that way.

Randy said...

Christina - Yeah, I keep giving away my cukes & squash, too, so you made me laugh! But, I haven't tried frying cucumbers - hmmm... I'll have to give it a try! Maybe now I'll stop giving away so many! Thank you for the idea!!

Aspen Real Life said...

What beautiful vegetables. We just put sod in our backyard and next year I intend to hit it hard.

It is a dream of mine to be more sustainable. I will be learning how to compost and I think we'll be getting chickens soon.

It is a process but so important.

BTW: found you from Suzen's website.

Randy said...

Jillian - welcome! One day we'd like to get chickens, too. Maybe next year. We talk about it all the time, but just haven't made the step to building a chicken coop.

Country Girl said...

I'll be right over for some squash! Save some spaghetti squash and a zucchini for me!! LOL! - JJ is out mowing the lawns this afternoon. He just started doing this, so it's great fun! He's doing a great job too. -Barb