Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Who doesn't love chipmunks?
We named this little guy Chip. I know, it's not an original name, but it fit the little critter. He used to hang out outside our back door on the deck. We put out bird seed for the birds, and he showed up to gather the seeds that fell to the ground. Eventually, we put out bird seed on the deck for him. He would "vacuum" the seed up into his face pouches, and then would race down to his home below the deck to empty the pouches. Quickly he'd be back for a seed refill.
Chip wrapped his tail around his feet on cold autumn days, as you can see in this picture.

Jack loved to watch Chip. Chip spent hours resting on the old rug on the deck in front of the windows when he wasn't stocking up on seeds. Jack spent hours glued to the window watching Chip.


Country Girl said...

Chip is so cute! You have such a group of animal friends! - You should post some pictures of the deer sometime! -

Randy said...

Hi Barb, I haven't taken any recent pics of the deer. But I will try to take some soon!

jalynn01 said...

I would have called this 'chipmunk under glass' even tho he is actually outside the glass. I bet he is happy kitty can't get out! How cute is that! Love the shot of kitty looking at chippy.

Randy said...

Jalynn - Chip got used to Jack watching him. Chip would spend hours sitting right outside the window, with Jack right on the inside. Often Chip would dart to & fro, driving Jack crazy. "Chipmunk under glass" is a good name for that shot!