Monday, August 24, 2009

Coming soon - windows!!!

Goodbye old windows...
Hello new, draft-free, energy-effecient, tilt-in, vinyl, muntin grid (which still look-like-the old-to-preserve-the-old-look) windows!
Today we got new windows in the house! 
I also got a root canal tooth procedure, so the blog will be short.
Stay tuned for all the window details!!


Country Girl said...

I am glad you are getting windows that will kept the historic look.-We are supposed to be getting new windows upstairs in Sept. We got the downstairs done last Spring, and the guys who did it, did a beautiful job on the woodwork over the windows- making it match the "colonial look."
Our house's date was 1865. We definately have Civil War era rocks in the inner basement wall downstairs!!-Hope your mouth feels OK!!

Anonymous said...

I hate root canals and if possible would just rather have the tooth pulled.

We got new windows several years ago and like them very much. It sounds like what you got is what we got.

Susan Blake said...

New windows are wonderful - root canal, not so much! Baby yourself, you deserve it.

Randy said...

Barb - your house sounds so cool! I didn't know it was that old!!

Abe - I don't know about having the tooth pulled - that's so permanent! At least I have most of the tooth left! About the windows, I think we will like them very much, especially this winter - the old windows didn't do a very good job keeping the drafts out.

Suzen - Don't we all deserve to be taken care of! I got my teeth taken care of, and my house got new "eyes", all in the same day!

Thanks for your thoughts, everyone!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Hope you are feeling better after your procedure and that all went well. Those kinds of things are no fun at all.


Randy said...

Cindy -I'm ok now - but it certainly was not fun!! Thanks for your wishes!