Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sleeping Jack

Silly Jack! 
He took a nap like this yesterday!
It doesn't look very comfy!

Still sleeping...

Jack, are you still alive?

I checked him after a few hours to make sure it didn't cut off his airway!
That cat could sleep through anything!


Terry said...

Too cute!

Country Girl said...

I think he ate too many chips!!

Toni aka irishlas said...

That's just too cute!

John Going Gently said...

a cracking...cracking photo!

Leigh said...

So cute! I love it how cats just love boxes.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

hey, been meaning to get over here and visit sooner...silly kitty! i wonder if his neck was sore later? verde farm, my friend just joined you...i designed her blog...give her a visit and tell me what you think!! she has chickens, ducks, kunekune pigs and mini donkeys!

Razzberry Corner said...

Terry, Toni - Jack is the cutest cat in the world to me! But I'm biased!

Barb - It does look like that!! lol

John Gray - Your comments always make me laugh!! :)

Leigh - Don't they, though!

Kritter Keeper - I will go check out her blog! Thanks!!

I don't think Jack understands pain. If his neck hurt he wouldn't have minded. When he found us he was in pitiful shape: a stray half-kitten, half cat, full of fleas and ticks, very broken ribs which had healed incorrectly, starved to almost death. All he wanted was love, he didn't and never has minded pain (such as the previous pain in his ribs). He is the sweetest cat I've ever known because he appreciates us so much for saving him. He still will turn down food for pets.


Carla said...

I love Jack!! He reminds me sooo much of our late cat, Lucky. Fat, orange and in control.

Robin said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!