Monday, January 11, 2010

Look Who's Back

In the end of December, we were visited by Little Deer, who hung out in our backyard for several days.  Because he was all alone, I was worried that he lost his mother to a hunter.  He was so small, why are fawns born so late in the year?  All the other deer that I've seen have been bigger than Little Deer.

Anyway, Little Deer hung out in our backyard for about a week, then he was gone.  Saturday he came back, leading a herd of does and fawns to our backyard.  He went straight to his favorite grass spot and showed them where the good grass is.  It was nice to see him again.  The herd had seven deer, including Little Deer.  Only two were does, the rest babies.

Here's most of the herd, taken from my kitchen window.  Little Deer is closest to me, near the left, head down.

Here's Little Deer looking at me.  His friend is a little bigger and is a baby buck - he has little horn bumps.

You can tell they are whitetail deer.  In this pic you can really see the horn bumps on the other baby.

Here's one of the does looking right at me.

This small herd of deer stayed in our backyard for over an hour, then a much larger herd of does and babies joined them.  The fawns romped and played together, chasing each other all over the yard.  It's nice to see wildlife so close. 

This is the reason we have to fence in our garden in the summer!


Dog Trot Farm said...

I know first hand how pesky deer can be, however I do love to see them grazing in my fields. How nice to see them up close and personal in your wonderful photos, Thanks for sharing.

Country Girl said...

Such beautiful deer! Nice to have them so close!-Barb

AJ-OAKS said...

Yay, Little Deer is okay. And how wonderful he brought friends! They are such beautiful animals. So quiet and graceful. Used to have deer here, but since bringing in the donkeys, well, no more deer. Love all the pics. Thanks so much for posting about Little Deer.