Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Little Deer is still Here

This morning around 5am I was walking through my house and I was shocked to see the thin face of a deer peering in  my front window watching me!

No worries - it was just Little Deer, who comes up to my front porch every day.  I'd prefer she didn't come up and eat my bushes and flowers, but alas, this is where she lives. 

Good morning, Little Deer!


Farm Girl said...

How cute is that? I think that would be wonderful.

Country Girl said...

Last night while driving home on a long country road, a black cat dashed across the road in front of us, and about 100 feet further, 4 tiny kittens dashed across! And a little further down a small mama deer with a tiny fawn dashed across and into a wheat field! A lot of critters running around!