Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wild Asparagus

Yesterday I walked to the asparagus patch to check on my wild asparagus.  The patch is a little walk away from the house and  sometimes I forget about it. 

My wild asparagus grows so very fast.  In about a week an asparagus stalk grows tall and goes to seed before I realize it.  The above picture shows asparagus that has already gone to seed.  The right picture shows asparagus that is ready for picking.  I cut it off at ground level.  New stalks grow from the roots.

Here's a little skinny asparagus!

Here's a really tall asparagus that has gone to seed already.


Knatolee said...

We were both out taking asparagus photos yesterday. Yours is much taller than mine!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Yummo, did you get enough for dinner? Growing that fast you'll need to go for an asparagus walk every couple of days or so!

LindaG said...

I thought the ones in the first picture looked like baby asparagus.
I would have tried cooking them, haha.

How great you have wild asparagus. Hope you're having a blessed day! ♥

Farm Girl said...

I like your pictures of your walk too. So sorry for your lonely looking guinea. That plant could it be horse radish? I have no idea, but horse radish looks like that. Kinda, you said it is where the old garden was so I wondered.
Your asparagus looks wonderful. I must have done something wrong as all I ever got was the ferny part and not very much stalk. I should try it again.