Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guinea Fowl and Snow

We got a few inches of snow this week.  It's our first real snow of the season. 

The guinea fowl don't like the snow one bit. 
They stay under one of our farm's dump trucks, which Randy has parked beside the chicken coop for them.  Every now and then they wander a little, but mostly they just stay under the truck.  Randy starts the truck every now and then and the engine gets warm - so all the guineas stay close and enjoy the heat from the engine.  We provide them guinea food now, since they aren't finding anything to eat on their own.  They're eating has minimized anyway, they don't eat much anymore.  I guess they just aren't happy.  We try to feed them their favorite treats every now and then, bread and cooked corn.  Sometimes they will not eat that either.  Poor birds.  Randy lugs out hot water for them every morning, which they love.  It's frozen by evening; they've learned to drink in the mornings!

I'm happy that all 10 of them have survived their first summer together.  The 8 lighter guineas are now 6 months old, and the 2 darker ones are approximately 1 year and 3 months old.  The 2 darker ones are all that survived from our first batch of 5 guinea keets.  I think we learned alot about guineas with those original ones, and luckily we didn't lose any in our second batch.  I just hope they all make it through the cold winter. 

Guineas under the truck

Guineas walking through snow

Yum, Guinea food!

Guineas looking at yeasterday's frozen water

Lone Guinea


Verde Farm said...

Ours don’t like it at all. They’ve been hanging in the barn a lot this week. Your guineas are really pretty. I would love to get a black one since we lost our precious Hyde last summer. Ours are both light grey.

John Going Gently said...

I ve had to give my guineas extra rations in this cold snap!!!

I was given a rather bad tempered white female to add to the menagerie

Lisa said...

My guineas are just the opposite-they LOVE the cold and the snow. When I open the door from their coop to their pen in the morning, they cannot wait to get outside! They start singing and chirping and picking at their hay-having a great time-even when in the single digits!

Terry said...

I must be a Guinea. Oh wait, I'm eating a lot, so I guess that's not it.

Country Girl said...

Great pictures. Those Guineas must love their mommy and daddy! You take great care of them!

Leigh said...

So funny. I can't wait to see what my chickens think about snow. Assuming we get some. :)

Genny said...

Poor guineas. It's been really cold the last week, and then the snow on top of that. While I LOVE the snow and cold weather, I would HATE having to wait for my water to thaw. But like Terry, I'm eating a lot; so I know I'm not a guinea. LOL!!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Burrrr-willies it looks might cold! The guineas look strong enough to tolerate the cold . . . as long as the truck protects them. Pretty birds!

Chai Chai said...

I so enjoy reading about your guineas and comparing them to what ours are doing.

AJ-OAKS said...

Your Guineas are so pretty.
And you both are such good 'parents'.
We have been getting hit with lots of rain, some snow and the temps are well, cold. The chickens have learned how to get into the garage which is where I will find them most of the time these days.

Carla said...

Poor babies. At least they have Randy to help them along by starting the truck and taking them warm water.
The blue ones are just gorgeous. They look so soft.