Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chicken News

I love my chickens!
We got 2 new additions last week.  They are named Virginia and Luna.  They have been totally integrated into the flock already.  They have found their place in the pecking order. 

So, this blog post is dedicated to my chickens, new and old, pullets and cockerels, hens and roosters!




Virginia has a lonnnng neck!

Front - Freckles, Back - Zoner, mother and daughter
Luna on left, Virginia on right

Poor Lucy is still bald and wearing her chicken apron



Left to right - Raspberry, Zoner, Freckles


Muffin, our lead rooster

Chloe on my knee

Have a good night, my chickens!


Toodie said...

Oh you have such pretty chickens. Thanks for showing them.

Paula said...

Bee-yu-tiful birds! Thanks so much for introducing them all to us!
(And I love Miss Lucy's little apron! *squeeeal*)

Genny said...

Lynn, they're all so beautiful. How do you get them integrated so quickly. I'm taking notes for when I retire and can own some chickens! Your chickens' cousin said thank you for the birthday wishes!

Farm Girl said...

I love chicken posts and I think you have beautiful chickens.

Kessie said...

I just love chicken posts. They all look so gorgeous and healthy--all but that poor one with the saddle on her back, but there's always the one at the bottom of the pecking order who gets picked and beat up.

Your roosters are gorgeous, too. I just love Leggy's huge comb. It makes me laugh whenever you post a picture of him.

Terry said...

What a lovely flock!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yay for your chickens!! Who knew these beautiful creatures would bring such joy to our lives?!
(And would you just LOOK how pretty Danni is?!!) lol :-)
I love that your two newcomers adapted and assimilated so easily! We still have some shrieks and screams going on after almost a month!
Your birds are all beautiful. :-)

Toni aka irishlas said...

They are all so lovely!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Beautiful chickens! I'm so surprised Virginia and Luna integrated so quickly, I've always thought one couldn't add to a flock but you've proved that theory to be totally wrong.

John Gray said...

cinemon is a nice balanced hen!

Razzberry Corner said...

Toodie - Thank you!

Paula - Lucy hates her apron - she has found a way to take it off by herself! She unsnaps one of the snaps! Then pulls it off her other wing. Silly bird!

Genny- We put the new birds into the coop at night, they slept beside all the other birds. Then in the morning everyone went outside. There were some pecking order fights that first day, but nothing major. They have a big pen to run around. It was interesting how the new birds watch the old birds. They watched their habits and followed their actions.

Kim - Thanks! I love how all the chickens have their own personality!

Kessie - I love my Leggy! I have never seen another Leghorn rooster, but I love how big Leg's comb is. I think he's very pretty, but I think any Leghorn roos would look like him.

Terry - Thank you! And that wasn't even all of them!

Danni - Yeah, integrating the new birds wasn't that tough. Our birds are all very sweet, mostly. There was a few small pecking order fights that first day, but nothing major. Now I'm trying to get the new hens friendly - every night I pick them up and cuddle them. At first they thought I was trying to kill them - they screamed bloody murder. They still flap and fight me. but if they are going to be my birds, they WILL be friendly and will love pets and hugs and cuddles!!!

Toni - Thanks!!! :)

CAGrammy - Oh it's no big deal to add a couple new birds. Put them in the coop at night, let them sleep with the old birds. And give them enough room to run around the next day. They both found their places right in the middle of the pecking order. Now they all eat side-by-side with each other. The roosters thought it was lovely to have 2 new women on the group!

John - Cinnemon is a sweetheart. She's beautiful, balanced, and oh-so-friendly. I held her last night as I talked to the chickens in the coop when I came home from work. I would even say she's one of my fav birds!


Knatolee said...

Such gorgeous birds!! If it makes you feel better, CHicky is looking way worse than Lucy these days.She's wearing her saddle and i don't know what else to do. I think she's picking her neck feathers. AND I have just discovered what I think is scaly leg mite on three of the chickens, AUGH!

Your feathered kids are looking fabulous.

Lauren said...

Oh they are ALL so beeeauuuuutiful!
I've started to introduce my wee lovelies on my blog too. Every chicken has its own story doesnt it?!

Anonymous said...

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