Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come Run With Me

I've been getting into jogging recently.  I started jogging inside on the treadmill, as it was still cold outside.  But now that Spring has officially arrived and the weather is suddenly warmer, I've moved my running outside.  And now that I'm outside, I've left my iPod behind.  Who needs an iPod when they have the sounds of nature all around?

Running outside on the hills is much more challenging than running on a treadmill.  The first few times I ran outside I swore that my chosen path was all uphill, and I wondered how that could be.  My legs were much more sore after the first time running outside than they were when I would run inside. 

Most of the time I startle up some sleeping deer on my path.  They then run, too, but I haven't talked them into running with me yet.  Wouldn't that be nice, to run with the deer?  Maybe one day...

Besides the deer, I notice the birds, the bugs, the nature around.  It's quite relaxing.  The first few times I ran outside I brought a camera, but then I continually stopped to take pictures, which defeated the purpose of running.  These photos were taken on my second run.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the run.

I start on what I used to call the dirt road.  Randy's been putting down millings, so now it looks more like a paved road.  This is a easy path to start the daily run.

Let's go!

We pass the cemetery on the left.  I love the cemetery!

We run beside my favorite field, all dressed up in it's winter grass.

By now the road has turned into a dirt road.  We're coming up to the firewood work area on the left.
Here we are going to turn left off the road and move on past the firewood.  Look out for Randy or one of his friends, they may be there splitting and stacking firewood.

Stay to the left around all the logs!

Now we're moving along a grass path beside young trees on the right.  Deer often sleep in those young trees and may bound up into our path.  The path is going downhill at a steep grade and we are moving fast now!

Spring is here, the bushes are all budding.  Soon everything will be green.  The air is still crisp and cool, enjoy it before it's blistering hot this summer.

Now there's young trees on the left, and more mature trees on the right.  The path is starting to climb uphill and your legs may be feeling it.

We've made a left turn around the young trees.  We just passed the old barn on the right.  There's remnants of a very old paved road underneath the grass.  The grade is very steep uphill and your legs notice it, although it's not noticeable in the pictures!

Listen, I just heard a hawk cry.  And a bluejay is chasing the hawk!  There's always so much to see and hear in the woods.

We're almost done.  We're making good progress.  My green wine bottle collection is on the right. No one has shown any interest in my online bottle sales, and so the bottles still sit beside the woods.

Behind the bottles is the trash dump from where I pulled the bottles.  I still need to finish picking up all that trash.  Add that to my mental to-do list this summer.  The work truly never ends on this farm.
Keep going, no stopping now!

We're almost back to where we began the run.  Turn and look back behind you, and you will see the photo below.  We just ran up the green grassy area, beside the field and around the young trees.

One more really steep hill and we completed a mile run!
Good job!
Don't you feel better now?
You up for another mile?

Let's go!!!

I'll race you to the woodpiles!

Thanks for keeping me company!!!


Karen Anne said...

There must be something nice you could do with those bottles. Storage? Built into a wall so that the flat bottoms show, I've seen that kind of thing somewhere? Make your own root beer?

Country Girl said...

What a great post! How often do you run? Everything is really turning green! It's so good to see things growing again, isn't it? But you know, without the snow and ice, we wouldn't appreciate Spring so much!

Farm Girl said...

That was a very nice run, thanks I will need to catch my breath. :) It all looks so wonderful and I love your views.

Danni said...

Good for you! Are you training for something? Nice of the weather to cooperate for you like that, seriously! :-)

Razzberry Corner said...

KA - Now that's idea, make my own rootbeer! I LOVEEEE rootbeer, and rootbeer floats, too! Now I'm wanting icecream...

Barb - I run every day! I love that spring is arriving and everything is budding and turning green. Yeah for spring!

Kim - Thanks for being my running partner! :)

Danni - Hey, I'm not in rain country like you!

No, I'm not training for any marathon or anything. I'm not that fast! I run just because I'm trying to watch my language, remember? :)


Kessie said...

You mean you run up and down hills? Man, I'm doing good if I can walk. And it'd probably still kill my legs. My hat is off to you!

Also, it's really lovely watching spring creep over your woods. :-)

cmarlow41 said...

Lynn: Thanks for the run...I'm pooped now! I love how you blogged about this and as soon as my foot is healed up, I'd love to join you (even though I'll be walk/jogging if you don't mind).

Love the blog...Randy just told me about it today.

Cindy Marlow

Genny said...

Whew! Great workout. What a wonderful place to run or walk or hike or just take pictures. The open field with the winter grass is my favorite. I bet it makes beautiful rustling noises when the wind blows through. And I'd LOVE to run with the deer. The weather is perfect to exercise outside, but sadly I won't be able to join you when it's hot. I'll have to be inside with AC and water.

Terry said...

That was fun, but I'm exhausted now! What pretty country.

Knatolee said...

What a beautiful route! I wish I could be your running partner.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

you are like me...i prefer to run outside. love this post, it has insprired me to get back and jog. been lazy. how much do you cover each day?

Knatolee said...

Lynn, I don't have your email addy, so pardon the unrelated comment, BUT! We dipped all the chickens' legs tonight as per your instructions. THanks so much for helping with that! It went very well and I will re-dip in a few weeks if things aren't better. We both really appreciated your advice. :)

Razzberry Corner said...

Kessie - Yes, it is so very nice watching spring creep in. BUT - it's supposed to snow tonight and on Sunday! Snow! there goes Spring!!

Cindy - Welcome to the blog! It's nice to see you here!!! Do you have your own blogs?

Genny - Today was the last day at the job, wasn't it??? :( I miss you already!!! We HAVE to get together again!

Terry - I'm exhausted, too!!!

KK - Im so glad to have encouraged you to get back into running!! I've only been running anywhere between 1 and 3 miles a day. And yesterday I was LAZY and took a day off. And today I haven't run yet, and it's 8:30pm already (it's a treadmill night).

Nat -
Feel free to email me anytime, I get that email on my phone. Is it warm enough to do the chickens' legs? I'm glad to help, I hope it does help them! We're going to have to redo our flock, we were waiting for a weekend when we didn't have too much planned, but this weekend it's supposed to snow, so maybe we'll wait till it's a little bit warmer. It really doesn't take too long to dip them all, anyway. Let me know if it helps your birds!! :) I hope it does! I think it's funny that you had to get the dip from the US. You Canadians must be pretty strict... But you're the rebel, you imported!! :D


Texan said...

Good for you! I am a runner too! Just love it!

Those bottles are so pretty! You need to start making your own wine! Something I am hoping to learn in the near future!

My legs get a bit sore when I run on the treadmill, usually I run outside but when I can't I run inside on the treadmill and I notice my shins get a little sore for some odd reason.

Razzberry Corner said...

Texan - I'd love to make my own wine one day. We have some wild grapes on the property, but they are real small grapes, not big, juicy grapes.

I notice a good pair of running shoes makes all the difference in my running. My hamstrings are always more sore after running outside, I'm sure because of the hills. When I run on the treadmill I am a wuss and I keep the incline set on 1. I tell myself I'm going for distance, not incline. But outside I can't control the incline! :)

Good luck learning to make wine! You'll have to teach me!