Sunday, March 20, 2011


Firewood season is now over for the year, as spring is on it's way.
We've been splitting wood all winter long.  It's been a long, cold, hard winter.
All leftover firewood will quickly be sold this upcoming autumn or kept for us next winter.
We went through a lot of wood this past winter.


Firewood stacked and drying

Deer and human footprints in the dried mud in the firewood area.  Were the deer helping out? 

Splitting area

Logs being split.  Do you see the axe?

Does the work ever end?

Till next autumn...


Gail said...

Nope, never ending work!

Ronna said...

My boyfriend and I cut and split wood. He'll be so jealous when he sees your post. He LOVES wood. (Drives me crazy a bit...but it sure is welcome in the winter!)

Chai Chai said...

What a great work area, I would love to have that much firewood on hand. Your husband looks like a hard worker. We burned ALL the wood we had available this Winter and once things dry a bit we have to get "choppin'!"

Farm Girl said...

That is a bunch of firewood. It would be so nice to be able to not have to buy it, or to be able to burn it when you wanted. We can only have fires on burn days. You get a ticket if you do it on a none burn day.
I do enjoy watching log splitters though.

Terry said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of wood!

Danni said...

Wow! I have major "log splitter" envy - that is one fine piece of machinery you've got there. :-)
And your wood pile is impressive. Since we took down that 50' Douglas Fir a few weeks ago, we'll be adding to our pile significantly, but as you know, it is an ongoing job to always have enough.
Nice work!

Country Girl said...

I spoke to someone in Australia the other evening. It is their summer there. They are having 105 degree days! She said she can't wait till their autumn comes, which is soon. I think bout when our spring comes, their autumn comes.

Razzberry Corner said...

Gail - I'm tired just thinking about it all! :)

Ronna - Randy loves trees, he knows all about the different types of trees and the types of wood that comes from each tree. I think it's a guy thing.

Chai - Yep, Randy is a hard worker. We are lucky we have a good area for him to work with the firewood.

Kim - You get a ticket if you burn on a non-burn day? Wow! Amazing!! Randy wouldn't do too well there!

Terry - And that's just what's left over from winter. there was alot more...

Danni - Randy was just telling me that he wants another log splitter, a better one. But then he started pricing them, and now he thinks maybe he's ok with what he's got!

Barb - It's weird to imagine that the weather is opposite on the other side of the world. Crazy!


Knatolee said...

I WISH firewood season were over here... sigh! Nice firewood you have there.

Knatolee said...

And wow, if we got tickets on "non-burn" days, everyone around here would freeze to death in winter! :)

Robin said...

We are running out of firewood and need some more. I don't suppose you want to deliver a load to Oregon do you? :)