Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guinea Fowl in Blooms

Just as I was taking the photos for yesterdays daffodil blog post, my dear guinea fowl decided to join me on the daffodil hillside.  They love when I am outside in their area.  They really are friendly animals and like to be around people. 
I love how they are so unique.  I think they are beautiful!
I love the horn on their heads, their white faces, and their red weird wattles.
They were singing their happy song all the while they were with me in the daffofil patch. 

Well, hello there!

Making their way thru the flowers

We have 5 different varieties of colors of guineas

Who doesn't just love that face?!

They have gotten very big now that spring has arrived.  The yummy bugs must have arrived, too!

Boy Guinea on the log

Looking for bugs and other food

She got a little carried away when she was putting on her blush that morning
Have a good week!


Gooseberry Jam said...

Never mind the Guinea Fowl...You have a DAFFODIL PATCH!!! How gorgeous (as too are those precious guinea fowl), I have heard they are good for keeping away snakes, Guinea fowl that is, not the Daffodils! Is this true and do you know why?

Kessie said...

Aw, I loved your daffodil pictures yesterday, but I think I love your guinea + daffodil pictures more today! Isn't it so funny how guineas don't like to be handled, but they like to hang out with you and talk? And their little faces are so hilarious. :-)

Farm Girl said...

I love Guineas! I just love those pictures of them all in your daffodils.

Chai Chai said...

Now if only you included audio.

Seriously, in this post you once again mentioned that they were singing happily. My Guineas only make the standard noises, do yours have a separate sing-song? Do you have it on tape? I would love to hear it!

Terry said...

I'm so glad the flock made it safely through winter. They look like they are celebrating spring.

Toni aka irishlas said...

You know, some gals just don't know when to stop with the makeup!

The are all beautiful as are your daffs.

Razzberry Corner said...

GJ - I'm sure guineas would keep away snakes just because they would peck at them. They cover alot of land quickly, looking and pecking at everything. I rarely see any snakes around here, now that you mention it!!!

Kessie - You're right, the guineas cannot be touched, but they love to be around us. When they see us they get all excited and come running, but they keep a couple feet away - they don't get touchable close.

Kim - The guineas get into everything. They are everywhere. I think they're pretty neat, and I never thought I'd really care for a bird that we got solely to keep down bugs. But they are very special now, and I cannot imagine not having guineas.

Chai - Your guineas don't make their happy song? How about when they are going to sleep at night? I first noticed our guineas happy song when they were keets sleeping in the chicken coop with the chickens. It was the sweetest sing-song chirping, real sweet and low, they always sung themselves right to sleep. It was truly the sweetest bird noise I've ever heard back when they were young. And they still make their sing-song chirping when they are happy. They make their happy song when we feed them treats, when they go to bed at night in the tree, when they first wake up in the morning before they come out of the tree. I'll have to tape it for you. Now, they also have their honk-honk normal noises, and then the screeching noise when they are upset. Guinea people know about the honk-honk and the screech!!

Terry - The guineas really seem happy that the weather is warmer. They are getting fatter and bigger, too. I'm wondering if one is going to get broody...


Knatolee said...

Beautiful guinea photos, and I love seeing them amongst the daffodils!! It is so cold this week, I can't even imagine daffs here right now.