Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jack in the Box

This is Jack.
Jack is a smiling boy!
He is happy Spring is returning to Maryland.

Jack in his box in front of the woodstove
He loves warm weather.
But Jack will miss his woodstove. We put a his box in front of the woodstove for the winter.  He spent all winter right there, in his box, getting all the warmth from the stove blower.
He loves the woodstove. He watches the fire for hours.

The woodstove in the kitchen
 Last summer Jack and his box were in the office.
He was happy then, too.
He's always a happy boy.

Jack and his box, back when the box was new

Jack went thru a heavy stage

 Notice the box, compare it last year (above) to now (below).
The box has taken quite a beating. Jack loves to chew on the box, he has chewed down the sides so they are quite short.  He loves his old chewed-up box. 
We'll have to buy another case of chips so Jack has a new box this year. 
He will be quite happy to have a new box to start chewing down.

When Jack is especially happy, he kneads with his toes, just as most cats do. 
Most cats pull their claws inwards, and then let them back out to normal position, then pull their toes back in.
Jack, on the other hand, spreads his toes out as far as he can, then brings them back to normal position, then spreads the fingers again. He has a backwards knead. 
He never tears up anything with his kneading, as he does it wrong.
Silly Jack.  He's a backwards cat, but he doesn't know it! 

Step One - normal position

Step Two - Out
 (The foot pics were taken right after a claw trimming, so Jack's toenails are nice and short.  He gets them wicked long and we trim them with nail clippers.) 

Happy Spring, Jack!


Tina said...

He is too cute....we have a Jack in the box too. He lived outside in a wooden box for a while, then winter came and we moved him inside, now he is the king of the leather couch. :)

Toodie said...

The wonderful life full of love for your Jack was so nice reading. Jack is a happy boy ;-) He looks like a cuddler.

Chai Chai said...

If I could I would sleep right in front of the wood stove here as well. Love the worn down box look! Coincidence that I finished trimming the cats nails here right before I sat down and read your post, can't have those long nails on the cats as they are too dangerous!

Farm Girl said...

Very nice pictures of Jack in the box. My kitties think all boxes are theirs too. He looks very content and happy. Enjoy your spring day!

Genny said...

I think Jack is one of the cutest cats I've ever seen. He obviously loves his spot in front of the wood stove. Mimi has cat beds all over the house too. I bought her one of those cardboard scratch boards, but she sleeps in it, silly girl.

Danni said...

Awww, your Jack-in-the-box is adorable! If I were there, I'd want you to get me a (little bit bigger) box that I could put right next to Jack's and also warm myself my the stove. You'd do that, right?
I love that Jack is so attached to his chip box.

Danni said...

*by* the stove, not *my*

(my accurate typing skills appear to be slipping...)

rockriverstitches said...

Awww Jack is so cute in his box!! He kind of looks like my kitty Jupiter!


myletterstoemily said...

darling boy!

Razzberry Corner said...

Tina - our Jack used to live outside, too, and we moved him inside right before winter! But he's not allowed on the leather couch! He's got his own box.

Toodie - yes, Jack is a cuddler. He is a great lap cat. He loves to be rubbed on his belly, too. First cat I've ever had that loves belly rubs.

Chai - We're always trimming the cats' nails. They like to play with each other, and sometimes a nail gets in the other cat's eye, and then they walk around with one eye closed for a day or so. We learned our lesson when once one of our former cats actually had to get eye ointment because of a scratched eye caused by playing. So now, weekly nail trimming happens. Shadow, the wild one, hates it.

Kim - It is the most awesome day! Hope you're having a great day!

Genny - Does Mimi scratch on the scratch board? or just sleep on it? our cats have plenty of beds all over the place, too. You don't think our cats are spoiled, do you? :)

Danni - Umm, sure, you could have your own box in front of the stove. I'd laugh if you started chewing on it! But we do have chairs for the humans, and we put them right in front of the stove beside's Jack's box. You'd be welcome to a chair, too!!! :)

Tammy - I'll have to go check out your blog for Jupiter! Don't you just love orange cats?!

Lea - I'm trying to get Cheryl Crow's arms (been exercising A LOT), and I'm trying to eat less sugar, too. Loved the banana milkshake recipe! Thank you!


Verde Farm said...

Jack is a beauty and he looks like my old cat Charlie. Charlie lived to be 19. I loved him to pieces :) Jack-enjoy your wonderful life.

Terry said...

What a sweetheart!

Ronna said...

I love red kitties. One of my faves (yes I love all my cats) but one of my sweetest cats was a red tabby named Tamarind. Kinda reminds me of sweet Jack.

Lilla said...

Oh my, he does like to chew doesn't he? Jack is certainly a handsome boy and he looks quite content in his box. Who needs expensive cat beds when a chip box will do just fine?

Sherri said...

He is cute! I loved seeing Jack in his box. Thank you for sharing.

Sherri said...

He is cute! I loved seeing Jack in his box. Thank you for sharing.

Razzberry Corner said...

Amy - oh, I hope Jack lives to be 19 yrs old! He'd had a rough start back when he was feral, so I don't know if he'll live all THAT long, but I certainly hope so!

Terry - I have never known a sweeter cat than Jack. I am lucky.

Ronna- I have a special feeling towards orange/red cats, I don't know why. Jack's the first orange cat that I can claim as my boy, although I've known plenty of other orange cats.

Lilla - It's funny, we can buy all the things they sell for animals, but they like an old cardboard box instead. My girl Shadow likes old shoe laces instead of all the expensive toys. I guess they like the simple things!

Sherri - You're welcome! :)


Knatolee said...

WHat a lovely boy he is. Orange kitties are the best! Btw, we had to order our Adams Plus Pyrethrin Dip from the US!! They don't sell it in the concentration here without a vet prescription. It just arrived and we are going to dip chicken legs tonight. Totally off-topic, sorry, but wanted to thank you for your help!!

Robin said...

Ah that chewed up box is so cute. Jack looks like a really sweet cat.