Sunday, February 27, 2011

RIP Brownie

Last August we gave away one of our roosters, Brownie, to some neighbors.  We had too many roosters.  We raised Brownie from a tiny chick.  Brownie was a great protector and always was very attentive to the hens in our flock. He liked to serenade them - sing little humble songs to a single hen when she was sitting out in the pen. He always was very gentle with the hens, but a brave a fearless rooster when he needed to be. He was the #2 rooster in our flock - second in the rooster pecking order. He was promoted to be the lead rooster for their flock.

It is with a sad heart that I tell you that Brownie lost his life last week.  He was defending his hen Shirley from a wild animal that dug enter the fence into his pen and entered their coop at nighttime.
Brownie died so that Shirley could live.
Shirley was the only chicken of theirs that survived the attack. They lost all their other hens.
Brownie was a good rooster, saving Shirley like he did, fighting till the bitter end.

Brownie at his new home with Shirley back in Aug 2010
Since then they fixed and reinforced their chicken pen.  We just have too many wild animals living in this neck of the woods.

And so last Friday Randy assisted our friends to get some new chickens.
And maybe we got some new feathered friends here at Razzberry Corner... Just maybe...
Stay tuned!


Chai Chai said...

A sad story that leaves me feeling good in a way. Can't wait to see what new birds you are getting.

Verde Farm said...

Oh this breaks my heart--he was beautiful. You’ve had 2 losses this week and I’m so sorry. What a great rooster for protecting his hen that way. Predators are a horrible part of farm life.

Farm Girl said...

Poor Brownie, at least he saved Shirley. I feel really sorry for your neighbors. I hope they recover.
I don't think loosing anything ever gets easy.

Lilla said...

I am so sorry about Brownie. He was a very handsome boy. How brave of him to protect Shirley like that. Animals are simply amazing, aren't they?

Ronna said...

Poor Brownie. Sad.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, Brownie! I'm so sorry, Lynn - your friends must be beside themselves. That good rooster gave his life without question protecting his girls. Amazing animals. Your husband is very kind to assist them with the coop reinforcement!

Razzberry Corner said...

Chai - It was too sad, I had to put some hope in the end of my story!

Amy - Yeah, it's been a tough week!

Kim - The neighbors are intent on catching whatever is preying on their chickens. They even have a trap now. We'll see what they catch.

Lilla - Yes, animals can be amazing. Roosters are special because they are made to protect and take care of their hens. Even if it means dieing for them.

Ronna - Yes. I'm going to make a happy post next for this blog. I seem to be on a sad theme here...

Danni - Roosters (and men in general) can be pretty awesome!


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Brownie was a gorgeous rooster. What a sweet protective guy he was.

Terry said...

Poor Brownie. It must have been terrible for your neighbors, losing so much of their flock, and for you, losing a great rooster you raised from a chick.

John Gray said...

I had a cockerel last year that was mangled by a fox, he was trying to protect his hens

Genny said...

Oh no, not Brownie! He was so beautiful. I'm so sorry that your friends have lost all of their chickens except sweet Shirley. Roosters are amazing, fearless protectors. I hope your lost guinea comes home too.

Leigh said...

What sad and devastating news. I know you're heartbroken. I think Brownie's death is his badge of honor though, because by doing his duty he proved he was truly a rooster of excellence.

Phyllis said...

It's sad when they get killed and makes me feel bad. So many people don't realize that chickens are sentinent creatures and have feelings too.

Poor Brownie; I'm so sorry for him.

Dog Trot Farm said... protected your love..Shirley..may you rest in peace. You fought the good fight.

Knatolee said...

Oh no, I remember when you rehomed Brownie. I'm so sorry to hear this. What a good, brave rooster, protecting his Shirley. :(

Razzberry Corner said...

CA Grammy - Brownie was a good rooster. I know he will be missed.

Terry - The neighbors are doing everything they can to stop whatever is killing their chickens! They are MAD!

John - Roosters are so awesome. I'm so glad that we have them - all farms with chickens need roosters!

Genny - No sign of the lost guinea! :(

Leigh - He was a brave and fearless rooster. I remember when he first starting getting his hormones, when he was a teenager, and he decided to attack me every time he saw me. I had to carry a broom around, he drove me crazy. But he was just trying to establish who was lead rooster. Once I understood him I didn't hate him and I became more patient with him. He was the perfect rooster for the neighbor's flock, they needed a strong rooster. And Muffin is the perfect lead rooster for our flock, he is also fearless. Muffin is Brownie's brother.

Phyllis - Yes, chickens do have feelings. I love to watch them and interact with them. Each has it's own personality, they're so great!

Julie -Thank you!!!

Nat - I haven't visited Shirley since the attack, but I wonder how she is. Poor bird must have nightmares!