Monday, March 14, 2011

More Antlers!!

We are continually finding deer antlers on the ground around the property.  Whitetail deer shed them once a year and grow new ones later on in the year.  We have quite a collection now.

We found 2 more last week:

The bucks have already shed their antlers this year, so now it's hard to tell them apart from the does.  Last week we saw a buck who had only one antler, the other was already shed.  By now he probably lost the other one on the property somewhere.  A doe with her two adult twins has been coming to our backyard recently every afternoon during the daylight hours.  The babies are from last year, but they still stay close to their mama.  She's probably pregnant with this year's twins already.

I can't wait to see the spring and summer baby animals around the yard! 
Spring is on it's way!


Farm Girl said...

I love seeing dear antlers. I am so glad you found some more. You have such treasures on your place.

Kessie said...

What do you do with them? Are there, like, crafts you can make with shed antlers? :-)

John Gray said...

great to catch up with your blog again
your old roosters are pretty boys! and so is their owner lol