Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Luck Li'l Puff

Li'l Puff has been sent to a new home.  He is now the sole stud rooster for a small flock of hens.  A friend with a farm took Puff to sire baby chicks with his Polish-mix hens.  He liked how unique Puff looked and thought Puff and his hens would make good-looking chicks to sell.

We had too many roosters and needed to find new homes for some.  Puff was by far not a dominant rooster, and needed alot of attention.  If he didn't get attention from us (in the form of head pets and neck rubs) when we visited the flock every day, he would scream bloody murder and run around flapping his wings, crashing into other chickens, causing general havoc.  If we held him and petted him for just 5 minutes he was fine, and would be calm and gentle and quiet.  If we didn't give into Puff's demands, he would upset all the other chickens and get everyone all up-in-arms with his running around, knocking people over, screaming tantrum.  Puff was very high-maintenance.

Now Puff will get all the attention from his own flock. 

Good luck, little guy.  I hope you develop into a strong rooster now that you are the only one.  I hope you learned from your former coop-mates.  I know you learned how to crow from "Big Yellow Rooster", who was always the best crower.  I hope you learned from Leggy the rooster how to be a leader and protect the flock. I hope you paid attention when Muffin the Americana rooster always showed the hens where food can be found.  I remember how Freckles, your mother, showed you how to take dirt baths, but you took it one step further and took mud baths.  It's not going to be all fun and games anymore, little roo, you've got your work cut out for you! 

You will be missed ~ I will never forget you, Puff...


Poconoangel said...

Little Puff will be fine. Just think, after a while there will be lots of little puff balls running around! LOL! -- Do you think you will let any of your chickens hatch out a batch of chicks?

Robin said...

That's good you were able to find another home for one of your roosters. How many are you do you have now? He is so cute. What a little personality he has.