Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Guinea and the Hawks, the Appletree and the Weed

Today I went out to check the wild asparagus.  I decided to document what I saw along the way.
I have to walk out to the asparagus patch, past the old historic fence that still stands,

Past the wild apple tree.

And past these bizarre large-leafed plants that have taken over the area where my garden used to grow.  There are dozens of them growing wild.  Something, I think the woodchucks, have been eating their leaves.  Any idea what they are?

As I walked, a pair of hawks circled above.  They screamed at me as I photographed them, and then they were gone.

It's an overcast day, but the sky is beautiful to me.

I found a single guinea out by himself in my backyard.  He was deep in guinea thoughts.

It is a peaceful day here at Razzberry Corner.  Can you feel the solitude and quietness in these photos?  It's nice to slow down and be quiet sometimes.

I had a surprise when I got to the asparagus patch, and of course I took photos!
I'll post those photos tomorrow!
I like to keep up the anticipation!


Chai Chai said...

That is kind of sad to see a lone guinea hunting for bugs on its own. Our guineas travel in pairs at a minimum and often as an entire flock.

LindaG said...

I can indeed feel the peacefulness. :o)
Not sure on the weed. I think it's something edible, but hopefully one of your other readers can identify it for you. :o)

Amy said...

It looks a lot like Broadleaf Dock...which is edible as far as I know.

Knatolee said...

I vote Broadleaf dock. Love the hawk photos, and Guinea is beautiful.