Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Arrival

About 2 weeks ago we noticed a little black shadow sneaking up and eating what dry cat food Jerry left behind in his food bowl.  The little cat would gobble and run.  If he saw us watching him, he would run without eating.  
Jerry would chase him away.  Jerry hates new things, especially little annoying ones who may steal his food and attention.  Not that Jerry wants much attention, he mostly wants food and a chair on which to nap on the back porch when he desires.  Jerry is the ultimate outdoor cat.  He will NEVER let us touch him, he comes and goes as he pleases, he NEVER wants to come inside.  And he's absolutely happy with the way things are.

Jerry, the outside cat

We have no idea where the little black cat came from.  He was very wild and scared. We couldn't help but notice his left ear was "tipped", which means he was a feral cat that was trapped and fixed.  Odd.  We have no feral cat communities near here.  How did he end up in our woods?  He's young, not adult cat size yet.  I'd say he's a teenager.  Funny, too, is the fact that he looks just like our indoor cat, Shadow, which used to be a very wild outdoor cat.  They both have a little bit of white fur on their chest and belly.  Could they be related?

The indoor cats, Jack on left, Shadow on right
Once Little Cat realized we would feed him, he never left.  All we have to do is step out the back door and call him and he magically appears from the woods.  Little Cat has adjusted to Jerry's routine, he learned that Jerry does NOT like to cuddle and certainly does not want any cat love gestures, such as a head bump.  And so Jerry is tolerating Little Cat.

Jerry on left, Little Cat on right, eating breakfast
 And as the weeks passed, Little Cat became more and more friendly.  One afternoon I sat on the back steps and called him, and he did his magic appearance from the woods and he ran to me.  At first he was cautious, but then finally he left me pet his head.  All it took was one touch and now he's the biggest love-bug.  He loves to be pet and scratched.  He was all skin and bones, I was afraid I was going to break something when I touched him.  But in these 2 weeks he's put on weight and his fur is feeling much thicker.

And so it seems we have a new friend at Razzberry Corner. We certainly didn't expect to have another cat.

Shy Cat

Notice his left ear tipped in this photo

His panther look


Shadow is VERY INTERESTED in the new cat


Country Girl said...

Little Cat is absolutely adorable! You are so good with cats! I know he's (is it a he?) is happy to have found you. Do people usually tip feral cat's ears when they have been neutered?

Razzberry Corner said...

I still need to come up with a name for Little Cat. yes, he's a neutered boy. He was fixed young. I read that people who have cats in a feral cat community tip their ears so they can tell the cat has been fixed. But how did this guy get to our house? I'm thinking maybe one of the neighboring farms got him from a feral cat community as a barn cat for their farm and he got lost and found our place? Is that what happened to Shadow, too? How many more cats are going to show up here???

Sandra said...

Little cat is really adorable. I guess cats have a nose for good people:))I am glad you took him "in".

Ronna said...

Love Little Cat. He's adorable. Well done.

Chai Chai said...

Critter Farm (East Coast)! He is very sleek looking, a handsome fellow.

Now that he is getting some steady food you don't have to worry about him trying for one of the guineas. I wonder if guineas are too big for cats?

Terry said...

Congratulations to Little Cat on finding a lovely home.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Little Cat is looking quite happy about his new home!

Niece said...

What a sweetie he looks to be as well as the other kitty's......happy he found a good home!

Razzberry Corner said...

Sandra - I think this boy had a nose for good cat food! Word travels fast in the woods when people feed strays!! :) And I'm a sucker for a hungry animal.

Ronna - Thank you :) You make me feel special!

Chai Chai - No, I don't think any of the cats around here could take on a guinea. The guineas are bigger and noisier and more obnoxious than any of the cats. Especially now that the guineas are feeling their hormones - goodness, they are CRAZY this time of the year! Crazier than any rooster any day! I'm going to do a post about the CRAZY guineas soon!

Terry - Thank you! I'll pass the congrats on to the Little guy! :)

CAGrammy - Oh My Goodness - Little Cat was hating me yesterday when I put flea/tick drops on his back. He still wont get close to me, he's a smart cat, it's been a whole day! And I didn't even think it smelled at all, but he thought the smell might kill him. He turned into a bucking bronco after I put 1 drop on his back, bucking across the back yard! Goofball!

Niece - The other kitties are fatter than Little Cat. And lazier. But you know, Little Cat is probably just as happy as them right now.


Lisa said...

That sounds like our Duke. Last year at this time he would come out of the woods talking like crazy but you couldn't get within 20 feet of him, but our 10 year old son and lots of bags of cat treats and he's just a wonderful cuddle bug.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

oh i LOVE him! especially panther cat... he's perfect! i kinda like "little cat" as a name. most of my names are descriptive and it suits him just fine. great work!

Danni said...

Oh, I *love* the panther pose! He's a beauty! If your experience is anything like ours has been, soon you won't be able to remember what it was like *not* to have Little Cat around. Our George and Clyde have become absolutely wonderful additions to our farm family. might want to consider de-worming him a.s.a.p. This could be one of the reasons he is so skinny. I've noticed a definite energy/spunkiness/weight increase in both our boys since we de-wormed. You can do it in pill form or drop-form, like the flea prevention drops on the back of the neck.
Welcome to your new home, Little Cat! I think you're going to like it here. :-)

Knatolee said...

Oh, Little Cat is sleek and lovely! I'm glad he is fitting in. Good boy, Jerry!

Karen Anne said...

Great! :-)

Farmer Jen said...

Beautiful cat and great photos!

Robin said...

What a pretty boy. I love black cats after our Jack Jack showed up. They are so stylish and sleek. His eyes are beautiful.

Razzberry Corner said...

Lisa - It seems most stray cats become really sweet when they're tamed! How is Duke now?

OH Farm Girl - I love his panther look, too! That was my fav photo of him!

Danni - This weekend we are going to deworm him. We did the flea drops on the back last weekend - it didn't go over well AT ALL. This morning was the first time he let me pet him since the flea drop episode. So the deworming will have to be in pill form!

Nat - Jerry has become much friendlier since the new boy moved here. Jerry has competition now for our attention and food! :)

KA - Thanks!

FJ - Thank you!

Robin - I remember you're one-eyed-Jack. It seems like there's alot of black cats in this area, we took in Shadow, there was her brother, Smoky (who's gone now), and now this new boy. Someone somewhere in a neighboring farm should really get their black mama cat fixed!!! Maybe Jerry is Little Cat's daddy!!!