Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chicken and Guinea Movies!

Here are a couple videos I took last week and never posted.

The first video is of the chickens.  This was taken last week on a very cold and damp day.  Everyone is looking cold.  There's a couple good shots of Leggy with his newly shortened spurs - you can see they have healed nicely.

The second video is taken from inside the chicken pen looking out.  The guineas are out there preening their feathers, thinking it may rain at any minute.  I must have been in the chicken pen for a while, because I really scared the guineas when I spoke to them!  Then they realize it's just me, and they go back to what they were doing.  No worries.


Chai Chai said...

Great videos, it is a nice feeling when you realize the guineas no longer worry about seeing you and don't react.

Leontien said...

They look good!!!

Thanks for sharing

TASO said...

Very intrigued by Guineas. We want to get some this year for their ability to warn of snakes. Apparently they even attack them! But I'm not sure how they'd handle rattlers! At least we'll get the warning calls!

Teresa said...

We lost the last of our Guineas right before winter to our LGD's! I miss them a lot. I am thinking about getting them again now that our LGD's are not going to get out. They do such a fabulous job at keeping the bug population down and with the excessive rain we have had this year it is going to be bad!

Teresa said...

I find the guineas so interesting because I've never had any.

Knatolee said...

What great-looking chickens you have, and Leggy is so handsome. And I love the guineas: "Oh, it's just HER!"