Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jerry's Breakfast Routine

Jerry the outside cat has a love-hate relationship with the guineas.

Jerry: Yummm, cat food for breakfast and a chaser of warm milk. 
Jerry: Purrrr, Purrrrrr...It doesn't get any better than this....

Guineas (walk along singing to themselves):  The guinea in the dell,

                                                                   The guinea in the dell,
                                                                   Hi ho the cherry-o,
                                                                  The guinea in the dell.

Guineas (continue singing next verse): The guineas find the seed,

                                                         The guineas find the seed,
                                                         Hi ho the cherry-o,
                                                         The guineas eat the...
Guinea #1: Hold up!!  Buck-wheat, buck-wheat!! BUUUUUCK-WHEAT

Guinea #2: What is wronnggg with...
Guinea #1: Buck-wheat, buck-wheat, buck-wheat, buck-wheat, BUCK-WHEAT!!!!! BUCK-WHEAT!!!
Guinea # 2: BUCK-WHEAT!!!!! BUCK-WHEAT!!!
Guinea # 1: BUCK-WHEAT!!!!! BUCK-WHEAT!!!

Jerry: Please make them go away...
Guinea # 1: BUCK-WHEAT!!!!! BUCK-WHEAT!!!

Jerry: Why do I have to put up with this? If I turn my back on them, can I pretend they aren't there?
Guinea # 2: BUCK-WHEAT!!!!! BUCK-WHEAT!!!

Jerry (mumbles under his breath): Life used to be easy before the guineas arrived...
Jerry (still mumbling): Every day it's the same routine, you'd think they'd leave me alone just one day.

Jack: What's going on out there?
Jerry (To himself): Oh no, does HE have to watch me eat, too??? Doesn't anyone around here know that a cat has to eat? Good grief!! Embarrassing.... Can't a man have some privacy?

Jack: Mom!!! Jerry gets all the good food... His food smells better than mine... I want some of his food... how come he gets the good food, Mom??? Mom??? MOM!!!!!!


Toodie said...

So cute. Animals sure have personalities and are fun to git to know and 'watch' lol.

Chai Chai said...

The Guinea sound is so unique yet it just fades away in the background once you get used to it. I actually think I like it now - BUCK WHEATTTT!

Genny said...

Lynn, LOL! Loved this post. Poor Jerry. No rest for the weary hunter cat.

Leigh said...

Lynn, you're a hoot. But that is exactly Jerry's expression! Too funny.

Farm Girl said...

I forgot that guineas said Buckwheat. I loved conversation you overheard. It is always like that too.

Danni said...

Haaaa! It wasn't until I read the comments that I understood all the "Buckwheat" yelling ...I thought they were calling for a buddy! :-)
Is that their "alarm" call? Are they afraid of or just intrigued by Jerry?
And poor, poor Jerry - all he wants is a bit of alone time, but there isn't much of that on a farm, is there? lol

Razzberry Corner said...

Toodie, yes, everyone has a personality and a story!

Chai Chai, the guinea calls DO fade away into the background!! I've gotten so used to them!!! I always call 'buck wheat!'to my guineas.

I guess I should have mentioned for those people who don't have guineas, their calls sound like "buck-wheat". At least the females sound like that. The males have a one syllable call.

Razzberry Corner said...

Genny, you're right, no rest for the hunter cat!!

Leigh, I think Jerry is exactly thinking this! I feel sorry for him for having to put up with the guineas!

Farm Girl, don't you just love guineas????

Razzberry Corner said...

Danni, the guineas notice everything, and if anything is different they start with their "buck-wheat" call. They build on each other, if one is excited, the other guinea gets excited, too. They always honk at Jerry, even though they are used to him. They see him almost every day, and they always honk honk at him. I think they do it to annoy him. He gets so disgusted with them, but he's not afraid of the guineas. His annoyance is always written all over his face. Watching all this is better than TV!!!

Terry said...

A fun post! Jerry is so expressive!

Anonymous said...

Great post....made me laugh! Animals are just the best! My hubby always says our lives would be so boring without them!

Toni aka irishlas said...

What a cute post!

Knatolee said...

Thank you for giving me my morning smile and laugh!! :)) "Buccck wheat!" Poor long-suffering Jerry!

Country Girl said...

Loving this conversation! You need to share their conversations more often!! This is good stuff for a book! "Buck Wheat! Buck Wheat! " So funny!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Our guineas, all day long:

"ohmigosh its a barncat!"
"ohmigosh its a chicken!"
"ohmigosh its a turkey!"
"ohmigosh its a goose!"
"ohmigosh its the SAME barncat!"
"ohmigosh its the SAME chicken!"

repeat repeat repeat

Razzberry Corner said...

Terry - Jerry really is expressive. He's so funny because he appears to be a grumpy old man.

Niece - Wouldn't life be so boring without animals??!!

Toni - Thank you!

Knatolee - You're welcome, anytime! Buck-wheat!!! Buck-wheat!!

Barb - maybe one day I'll write that book! :)

Ohiofarmgirl - my guineas are pure entertainment!!! I love them!


Robin said...

Ah, thats sooo cute. :)