Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, I thought we could take a hike in the woods together.  Come along with Randy and Lynn and enjoy nature.  We are going to go down by a small stream in the woods, and we will follow it to a larger creek.  There's lots to see and hear along the way, so let's get started!

Dogwood tree in bloom
Sun shining through the trees
Apple tree in bloom
Maybe it's a home for some small animal?
Randy walking beside the small stream
A really big tire sits way out in the deep woods.  I know there's a story behind it...
Lynn crossing the creek on a fallen tree
Ferns sprouting.  They know Spring is here!
Here's a short video of the stream.  Listen for the frogs!

Have a nice Earth Day and Good Friday, too.
Happy Easter on Sunday!


Chai Chai said...

I had not idea you were such a dare devil. Your stream look just splendid.

Terry said...

What a nice walk. My kitty Callie was very interested in the audio on the video.

Razzberry Corner said...

Chai Chai- We always cross the river on trees. Easiest way to get across! If I fell, Randy would have been sure to get a photo of me in the stream!! And he would have had a good laugh, too!

Terry - Lol, I bet a cat would like those nature sounds. I'll have to let my cats listen to it!

robin said...

Yeah, I love spring. :)