Friday, April 8, 2011

Guinea Eggs

Our guinea hens have been giving us 3 or 4 eggs every day recently.  We believe we have 4 female guineas, so that's pretty good!  We have 4 males, too.

The Easter egg trick is still working, so they haven't moved their nests in a few weeks.  The only bad thing is that one nest is deep in a wild rose bush on the side of a hill.  I get scratched up every time I collect eggs!

And so, for now, we are enjoying their eggs.  Later this year we will hatch out some keets.

You can hear their "Buck-Wheat!" calls in the background in this video.  The one calling is a female which is laying an egg in the rose bush as this video was taken.  At least one of our guinea girls is very loud when she lays.  I gave the guineas some cracked corn, which is one of their favorite treats, and one is enjoying it. 

Thank you guinea girls!


Chai Chai said...

Do they stop laying in the Spring or do they lay through Fall?

Razzberry Corner said...

Chai Chai, I believe they lay right thru the summer, till autumn.

Terry said...

Those are very pretty eggs!

Laura said...

I really love the sound the guinea's make, I hope to have some again someday whenever I get to where I am going. I never had hens though so I have never eaten those eggs, do they taste different? My duck eggs used to have a very different flavor than chicken egss.
Very cool!

Razzberry Corner said...

Terry - I love the spots on the guinea eggs! They are unique! And each guinea hen's eggs are a little different looking than the next. We are starting to figure out which guinea lays which specific eggs.

Laura - I hope you can have guineas again soon! And I hope you get some hens! Yes, I do notice a difference in the taste of their eggs. Different than chicken eggs, but I don't know how to describe it. I don't like them hard boiled. I usually scramble them and then I don't really notice a difference. I have never had a duck egg!