Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day from Brownie

The rooster Brownie says
Happy 4th of July!!!

Chloe is there, too, finishing off the celebratory carrot tonic puree.
The Guinea keet just ignores Brownie.... 

Carrot tonic is for ailing birds, not for celebrations, but the chickens and guineas didn't know that.
More to follow on the ailing birds...


CeeCee said...

What did those birds get into now? I hope they'll all be okay.
Share the carrot tonic recipe, too, please.

Gail said...

Interesting, I knew a man that made carrot juice for his terminal wife. This seemed to improve her quality of life and the length of her life.

Leigh said...

I'll trade you my garlic treatment for your carrot tonic!

I got the garlic in water info from Robin, over at Farm Folly. She was using it for runny poops, but it's a powerful antibiotic so I wanted to use it for Lord B's bumblefoot as well. I added about a clove and a half per gallon to water in my blender and liquified it. The chickens don't seem to mind and drink it right down. By the next day the swelling had gone down as well as the redness, though the foot was still warm to touch. We're in our 3rd day of treatment with improvement each day. Best of all I know he's feeling better because he's developed a limping gallop to chase the other roosters away! He was just sitting around prior to that. Of course, I think it's a combination of treatments, and hopefully it will be completely cured soon.

Marla said...

I hope you had a great day. :)

Marla @

Razzberry Corner said...

CeeCee - I'm sorry I just haven't been able to sit down & post about the chickens and the carrot tonic! But I will soon, I promise! Maybe this weekend! And of course I'll share the carrot tonic, and the aspirin water recipe, too!

Gail - Interesting!

Leigh - Thanks for the info about the garlic treatment! I will post the carrot tonic recipe hopefully this weekend, I have just been very busy recently and haven't had time to blog much. I am glad Lord B's bumblefoot is doing better! I was concerend that one of my pullets, Raspberry, was starting to get bumblefoot, too. Because of that I've been giving all the chickens garlic water this week.

Marla - I did have a great holiday! Thank you!