Sunday, July 25, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake

One of the great things about living real close to Washington DC is Georgetown Cupcake!
Georgetown Cupcake is DC's destination for gourmet cupcakes!

They were GREAT
They were worth the 15 minute wait in line to get in the building. 
The above cupcake is called Vanilla Birthday:  Classic madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake topped with a traditional sweet vanilla buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Here's the menu:

I want to try them all!

Here's a link to their webpage:


Farm Girl said...

Oh Yum! I would wait in line too. I wonder why cupcakes always seem like a party. Thanks for visiting today, you asked if the skunk smelled? No, they don't unless they start to get frightened. Then you can smell a bit. As long as they are just eating bugs and digging they really don't bother anything. The ones that have been in my yard, seem real content to just let things be, I have noticed, they prefer bugs to eat rather than chickens.
I also noticed what they love the most is eggs. They were getting in my nest boxes but did not bother my hens.
My vet told me that if I caught one he would descent it so I could keep it for a pet, but I would think I would have to get a tiny one so I haven't done that. :)
My Mom had a descented skunk when I was a kid. They are like a cat on steroids. I just don't want them in the yard because it is so much work when they spray my dogs.

Leigh said...

What a menu! My DH likes cupcakes but I've never been very adventurous with the recipes.

Lisa said...

Can you send me a few? If not...stop tempting me like that!!!

NetRaptor said...

Wow, what a great-looking cupcake! Pretty gourmet ingredients, too.

...or, at least, they SOUND gourmet. Hmm. I wonder if I listed off the origins of my homemade baked goods, they'd sound gourmet?

"And now, a cupcake made with real white flour from our local store, flavored with salted butter and Mexican vanilla, which is probably made from tequila? No worms, guaranteed!"

Genny said...

I've never been to Georgetown. I'm such a confirmed chicken about driving into the city. I shudder when I have to go to the Navy Yard and usually have a passenger with me to ease my stress levels. Everyone drives so fast and yells at you if you are not moving quickly enough. I have to say my stress levels while driving have definitely increased since I moved to Virginia two years ago. I definitely need one of those cupcakes to calm me down. LOL! They look scrumtious.

Dog Trot Farm said...

If only I could perfect that swirl the girls are famous for. Looks yummy!

Razzberry Corner said...

Farm Girl - Cupcakes do make a party!!

That sounds so cool, that you had a descented skunk when you were a kid! They are pretty! You should try it with your young one that hangs around the house!!!! he's already friends with the cats! It would make a very interesting blog, that's for sure!

Leigh - I used to always try different cupcake recipes. I like cupcakes because they are small, i guess I feel less guilty over having a cupcake than a big ole piece of cake! But recently I've been so busy I've resorted to buying cupcakes. I have been having the itch to bake, but just not the time.

Sorry, Lisa!!!

NetRaptor - vanilla tequila, sounds good!! lol

Genny - Tell me about the crazy traffic!!!! lol - I used to work at the Navy Yard until last Sep, now I'm out in Anacostia, across the South Cap Street bridge ( I live in MD, so it's a little closer for me). I still have to go to the Navy Yard often for work, though. Yes, you are right, everyone drives so fast, especially on 395. And with all that construction, it's crazy. A friend of mine lives in Ashburn & drives into the city every day. That drive is crazy busy! Last week I went to a training in Dulles - it took me 2 hours to drive the 62 miles to Dulles every day. I was almost nuts by the time I arrived to training every day. After training I stayed in the Dulles area till 7:30 or so until traffic calmed down. I went sightseeing, drove around & checked out neighborhoods, went shopping,etc - anything to avoid sitting still in traffic. I should have looked you up!!!!

Julie - That perfect swirl is made with the M1 icing tip!!! That's the secret!!!! At least, that's my secret when I make cupcakes!