Saturday, July 10, 2010

End of the East Coast Heat Wave

This morning it finally rained. 

And boy, did we need it! 

There's been a major East Coast heat wave this past week, and a lack of rain and high humidy really made it hard for us all.  Meteorologists began calling the hot stretch a heat wave, a phenomenon defined in the Northeast as three consecutive days of temperatures of 90 or above. Oppressive conditions forced two East Coast tracks to call off horse racing cards, made life difficult for golfers practicing for the women's U.S. Open in Pennsylvania and sent ballplayers searching for any way to stay cool.  The East Coast broiled last Tuesday as record-setting temperatures soared past 100 from Virginia to Massachusetts, utility companies cranked up power to the limit to cool the sweating masses and railroad tracks were so hot commuter trains had to slow down. The temperature broke records for the day in New York, where it hit 103, and in Philadelphia, where it reached 102.

The National Weather Service says this was one of the hottest stretches in about a decade for many locations in the Northeast. "You'd go back to 2001 or maybe 1999 to find a similar heat wave."

Here at our farm, the heat wave and absolute lack of rain was causing many concerns.  Our well water got cloudy and sandy, which made us think possibly it was running dry.  Our well is very old, over a hundred years old.  No one really knows how old it is.  The water has been tested and is very good and clean, no iron or sulphur.  But we're concerned the water supply may not last through heat waves such as this; we were told it would not last as long as it has.  So, we stopped doing laundry and running the dishwasher in the house, started using disposable paper plates, and showers became really fast.  Luckily, the well didn't run dry, and the water became clear after a couple days of not using much water.  

With the self-imposed water restrictions, we decided we couldn't afford to water the garden. 
And so the garden died.
I stopped going out to look at it because it was too depressing. After all the time we spent preparing, planting and weeding, we had to let it die.  

During the heatwave I picked one yellow squash. 
I only got 2 squash this year, both yellow, quite a few green beans and cucumbers, and a couple small tomatoes before the heatwave. 

Maybe the garden will make a comeback. 

The chickens didn't like the heatwave in the least bit.  Eggs were down from between 9 to 11 eggs a day down to 3 or 4 a day. 

According to The Weather Channel, more rain and cooler temperatures are predicted for this upcoming week.
Thank goodness!


Farm Girl said...

I am so sorry it has been that hot I really do pray you get a break. It breaks my heart to hear that you had to let your garden die. Your well intrigues me that it is over a hundred years old. That is amazing.
Our water bill for June was over 400 dollars. Oh to have a well, sandy or otherwise. :) I hope you get lots of rain and lots of eggs again. It has been hot here too but but we don't have your humidity.

Lisa said...

I'm thinking that's why my hens are not laying up to par also. The heat and humidity here is just enough to make you want to go in the basement and become a troll! We finally got some rain today. It's giving another 30-50mm for tonight. I hope we get it.

Genny said...

Lynn, I'm so sorry that your garden died in this heat wave. Maybe it will rebound if we get some much needed rain. I sure hope so. We got some rain last night but nothing much to speak of. We need a good, soaking rain. Whoever dug your originally must have picked a good site considering that it's been giving water for as long as it has. I hope it continues as long as you need it.

Toni aka irishlas said...

I can relate to using your water wisely! I am sorry to hear about the garden. Mine hanging on by a thread... it has been too hot and dry!

We're down to an egg a day from 5 hens.. guess they don't like the heat either!

Razzberry Corner said...

Farm Girl - That is really awful that you pay over $400 for 1 month of water!!! I'll take my well anyday!!!

Lisa - the last couple days the temps have been much cooler, and the hens hve really picked up on the laying again.

Genny - We finally got our good soaking rain in these past couple days. I'm not complaining about rain anymore!

Toni - Hope your eggs have picked up!


Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm said...

We're so sorry that the weather's been so awfully hot and dry. We're especially sorry for the loss of your garden. But, at least on the positive side, your well rebounded and here's hoping the garden does so as well with a little rain.

Razzberry Corner said...

Ken and Mary - we've been getting lots of rain this past week. I think the garden will make a slight rebound!