Friday, July 23, 2010

Actual Guinea Fowl Sounds

Are you ready to hear what Guinea fowl really sound like? 
This is them, in action, all pissed off at my camera!

The male is the spotted one, he's pearl gray in color. 
The female is royal purple, she's darker than her partner. 

They did not like me videotaping them!


Lisa said...

I have two keets that I am raising inside. I played your video for them and they FROZE hearing the sounds of "big" guineas! They remained silent and frozen for several seconds after the video ended! They were impressed!

Razzberry Corner said...

Lisa - That is so funny!! I bet my guineas were saying "danger! danger!" in guinea talk, and yours were like "freeze, there's danger! - wait, who said that??"

Are your 2 guineas ok? Why are they inside? I always move sick or injured birds inside to heal, that's why I ask... Hope all is well!!!


CeeCee said...

I have to tell you, that when the sound came on, my kitten woke up "WHATS THAT!?" When it finished up, he went back to sleep.

I think they're cool. They look so prehistoric.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Buck Wheat, Buck Wheat. I can here my cousin Eve's 22 Guineas singing their morning greeting as I brought them their breakfast. The following morning I wore ear protection!

Lisa said...

Hi Lynn. I raise all my birds inside when they are small so that they are accustomed to humans, our dog, loud and sudden noises and the general hub-bub of the household. They are more available to me to get them used to being handled and I can keep a close eye on them. Then, once they go to live outside, a human approaching them is not something unusual and I feel confident that I can pick them up and handle them should they be injured or ill. Besides, baby birds are very entertaining to watch! : )

Farm Girl said...

Little tattletales! They did not like you taking their picture did they? They just don't do good with change. Thanks, I miss guineas!

Knatolee said...

Hahahaha! Oh my goodness, "MOMMY! PUT AWAY THE CAMERA!" They're adorable.

NetRaptor said...

I just love guineas! I watched that video twice and the kids kept covering their ears. Were you feeding them something? They'd shut up for a second as they went diving after it, then they ran up and scolded you again. Guineas are the personification of ADHD.

Razzberry Corner said...

CeeCee - They do look prehistoric!

Julie - Eve has 22 guineas? Wow! Now that would be a noise!

Lisa - you are a good guinea & chicken mama! I only bring the birds inside when they have a broken foot, or are very sick, or something similar. Once a chicken had a broken foot & was in my bathroom for 3 weeks - I was about to go crazy from cleaning the bathroom floor so many times a day! I try to visit my birds outside often, and they are pretty friendly. The 2 adult guineas are the wildest of them all. The chickens all love to be held - well, except for the roosters, who are sweeties once I finally catch them!

Farm Girl - they certainly don't like change. My husband bought some new windows and set them outside beside the chicken coop yesterday. Of course the male guinea noticed the windows & got a long neck as he checked them out. He's so silly looking!!


Razzberry Corner said...

Knatolee - You should get some guineas, too! If you can deal with the noise!

NetRaptor - oh, they get much worse than they were in that video even!


Chai Chai said...

Great video! Our guineas are a bit behind yours and have not broken out in song(?) as of yet. Your royals really look nice, can't wait for ours to finish filling out.