Monday, June 7, 2010

Jealous and Curious

Randy sectioned off a part of the chicken coop for Bella and her babies.  It has plastic chicken fencing, so the other birds can see the babies, but they cannot get to them to hurt them.  Bella and the babies have their own feeder and waterer in their "nursery". 

All the other birds are so curious now that the babies are peeping and running around.  They all have come in and looked.  Some even stare.  A hen named Raspberry, Bella's sister, wanted to come join Bella and the babies.  The roosters all have come in to see what's going on.  It's quite a big thing here at Razzberry Corner.

And it seems many of the other hens have decided they want their own babies.  They are all sitting in nest boxes, two hens even made a nest in a corner of the chicken coop on the floor.  The one guinea hen is making nests, too.  I bet our egg count is going to go way down as the hens are all going to become broody.

Here's a video of the hens sitting in the nest boxes, and it shows Bella's nursery next door to the nest boxes.  All Bella's babies are tucked up under her when I took this video.  Zoner, who has a clutch of eggs which will hatch in 2 weeks, is sitting in the upper left nest box.  Ethel is to the right of Zoner.  Below Zoner is Charlotte, and Chloe is beside her.  Ethel, Charlotte, and Chloe do not have any eggs under them - just wishful thinking.  Everyone looks pretty hot; it's another almost 90 degree day here in MD.  We actually keep a fan going in the chicken coop all the time now.

This video shows the ladies nesting, with Brownie the rooster looking into the chicken coop too see what's going on.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Brownie wonders why the ladies are all in! "hey girls"! ha ha

John Gray said...

those hens look are such a good carer providing them with a fan!!!

Poconoangel said...

That is so funny! Chicken movies! LOL! They look hot! Maybe they would like air conditioning. Tell Randy to get busy! LOL! - Can't wait to see the chicks again!

Razzberry Corner said...

Isobelle - Yes, Brownie & the roosters are all wondering why the ladies want to be inside the coop so much these days! What's going on in there???

John Gray - Yes, they are hot!!! Their tongues are all hanging out, they pant like dogs. I never knew chickens do that! But it is very hot in the coop! We need to get a bigger fan for them, I guess!

Barb - Yep, I'm down to making chicken movies!!! Not alot of excitement going on in my world, huh?!! I need to get out more!! Lol!


Farm Girl said...

Thank you for your sweet encouragement this morning. It made my day. I love your chicken movies. If I am not out standing watching my girls, I enjoy watching other chickens all of the time.
You do have beautiful hens.