Monday, June 14, 2010

Guinea Mysteries

We used to have 3 guinea fowl - 2 hens and one male.  Then the male flew away in February of this year, and he was gone for for 3 months, leaving us with 2 hens.  We figured he died, but miraculously, he came back in May. 
Just like that. 
Just like he had never left, one day he was back, trying to pretend he was always here and we just didn't notice.   

In the end of March the 2 guinea hens starting laying eggs ~ they were 5 months old at the time. 

Then on April 19, 2010, less than a month after they started laying, both guinea hens stopped laying eggs.  They both just stopped, cold turkey.  No more guinea eggs. Done.

The hens were not broody, they never made a nest.  We looked everywhere.

Then in May when the male returned, one of the 2 guinea hens disappeared.  We figured she had to go do her 3 month sabbatical by herself in the woods like the male guinea fowl did. 
Either that, or a fox got her.

Now, yesterday, the 1 remaining guinea hen laid an egg again.  It was a tiny egg, barely an egg, only .2 oz.  Here it is with the chicken eggs we collected yesterday.

And today she laid another.  It's a normal size egg.  It's the teardrop-shaped egg right in the front of these chicken eggs.

Guineas just aren't the same as chickens.  They do things their way.


CeeCee said...

That is wacky! Maybe she's sitting a nest somewhere?

John Gray said...

you sum up guineAS very well!

DayPhoto said...

I still think I would like a guinea. Keep us informed!!!


Leigh said...

Interesting. I'll never have guineas (noise and neighbors), so I like learning about them from folks like you!

Razzberry Corner said...

CeeCee - That's what I'm hoping, that she's sitting on a nest somewhere! Maybe she'll show up in a month with babies!! :-)

John Gray - They are different than chickens!

Linda - I'll keep you informed. I love guineas because they seem to be more busy than chickens, and more social, more personable. You should get some!!

Leigh - Our female guinea is very quiet. But the male, on the other hand, is very noisy! At least I think he's a male - he's the one that flies. The female, who is laying eggs, doesn't fly, but stays in the chicken pen. She thinks she's a chicken & doesn't fly over the fence with the male guinea.