Friday, June 4, 2010

The Guinea Fowl and the Cat Food

Our Guinea fowl is very social.  He's always on our front porch waiting for us to come outside, often calling us to come give him attention. 

Guinea boy gets very excited when the outside cat, Jerry, doesn't eat all his dry food.  First he makes a racket, letting us know he found a treat.  He is very loud and his excited cry isn't very pretty - it sounds like he's dieing a slow and painful death.  If we were in the house, we used to go running to see if he was being killed by a large animal.  But now we know he's just excited to find cat food and we ignore his screams.


We still haven't seen any sign of the missing female guinea hen.  The second guinea hen is still with the chickens; we don't want to let her free and lose her, too.  But she has been showing great interest in the male guinea and has been ignoring her friends the roosters when the male guinea is around.  The roosters haven't been "getting busy" with her, but she believes they are her leaders, and when they cry, she comes running just like a chicken hen.  She has had a hard time turning her back on her rooster leaders and hasn't made the decision that she actually isn't a chicken, but a guinea.

Guinea hen has been seen making nests, although when she sees us watching her she appears to get embarrassed and runs away from the nest.  I wish she would just start laying again!


Robin said...

He truly is a gorgeous boy. I just love your pictures of him.

Leigh said...

That's so funny. Animals are great aren't they? Dan wanted guineas but I knew they were noisy. Considering our proximity to neighbors, they wouldn't be a good addition for us. I'll just enjoy yours!