Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chick Update ~ Day 10

Today I let Zoner and her 10-day old chicks outside for the first time.  Zoner escaped out of the chicken coop a couple times already in the past couple days without her chicks, but she quickly ran back when she heard her chicks screaming in the coop for her to return.  Today I carried the five chicks outside, and Zoner came running out to join them.

When Zoner was outside, all she wanted to do was take a dirt bath.  She rolled and rolled in the dirt.  The chicks rolled in the dirt, too.  The other chickens all walked by to take a look at the chicks, but no one bothered them too much. 

The chicks are developing tail feathers.

The all-black chick is getting lighter.  It's wing feathers are coming in brown.

I assume the all white chick is a son/daughter of the only white rooster I have, Leggy, and the white pullet, Raspberry.  I didn't get an egg from the only other light colored hen, Freckles, on the day I saved the eggs to hatch.  And all the other white pullets were broody at the time (therefore, not laying eggs).

Is that a beginning of a comb coming in on this little guy?  No!!!  No more roosters!

Leggy and Raspberry, possible parents, watch the chicks from a distance.

It was tough to get the chicks back into the coop tonight.  The chicks don't know how to use the ramp to get into the coop.  I put Zoner inside and expected the chicks to follow.  No, wasn't working.  The chicks screamed because they were alone, Zoner came flying out ready to attack me.  I put a few of the chicks in, thinking Zoner would follow.  No, she stayed with the remaining chicks outside.  Finally, I locked up Zoner inside and had to catch and carry each chick inside to her. 

Hopefully soon the chickens will get used to the chicks being around.  Then maybe I'll trust the other chickens not to bother the chicks and will be able to let them all out together unsupervised.


John Gray said...

funny that new mums always want a dirt bath!!!!

CeeCee said...

I'm so glad Zoner got a bath. It's sooooo much fun to watch tiny chicks, act like big chickens--scratching about and taking baths.

I can't get over the size of Leggy! His comb and wattles really pop on those white feathers. He's a beauty, but tell him I think he's handsome.

Leigh said...

Your chicks are so cute! Really, home raised seems to be the best way to introduce newcomers to an existing flock.I hope that's how it works for us next year.

Carolynn said...

Wow, they're getting big. So fun to see their individuality starting to develop.

Razzberry Corner said...

John Gray - now why is that, I wonder? The other bird with babies, Bella, did the same thing!

CeeCee - I agree, it's funny to see the little chicks acting like the big ones! I have always thought Leggy was pretty. And he's prettier in person, he doesn't take photos well - his eyes always look red in the photos.

Leigh - Have you started getting eggs yet?

Carolynn - Yes, it is fun to see them mature. I just wish we had more than 5 chicks - for some reason Im thinking they are all males, and we don't need anymore males!


Knatolee said...

Look how they are growing! And still so adorable.

Robin said...

I know that I have said this before, but Leggy is just positively gorgeous. It makes me want to have a Leggy!

Anonymous said...

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