Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Day in the ...Garden?

Yesterday was another 90+ degree day here in Maryland.  I spent all day out in the garden weeding.  The ground was so dry it was brittle.  I had to water the garden several times during my weeding so I could pull the weeds out of the earth!

I was out there in the garden so long I listened to an entire book on my iPod - Choke by Stuart Woods.  I've been listening to many Stuart Woods books lately. 

I listen to A LOT of books on my iPod - I work in Washington DC, so I sit in traffic for at least 2 hours a day.  Recently I've been listening to books I download from the local library.  

I got a nice sunburn on my back and shoulders from being outside in the sun all day.  But I love the sun, and enjoyed the heat, so I'm not complaining. 

After a full day of weeding, I'm still not done!  I'll have to try to finish in the evenings this week... 

I harvested quite a bit of green beans.  The Derby Garden bean plants seemed to produce the most beans so far.

The squash, cantaloupes and cucumber have lots of flowers, but only one small squash and a few small cukes were starting to grow. 

A few tomatoes are starting to appear.  The plants look dry.

The carrots are growing fine, but are small. 

It appears a critter has enjoyed most of my sugar snap peas, much to my regret.  They didn't bother the plants much, but ate all the peas!  We're going to have to put a better fence around the garden! 

Possibly it was a rabbit (we've seen one out in front of the house recently) or a woodchuck (Gordita the woodchuck lives in our backyard, and a male woodchuck visits very often).

While I was weeding the garden I dug up these odd, white, soft, seeds.  They appeared to be buried under grass and other weeds in the soft, moist dirt at the edge of the garden.  At first I thought they were some sort of egg because they were soft (like a snake or turtle egg), but they have roots, which make me think they are a seed of some sort.

Any ideas?  I tried to research them online, but had no luck.

I also dug up a little piece of history ~

It's some sort of old iron tool.  It appears to be broken.
This property had a farm on it from the 1700's through the 1900's.  We are always turning up some pieces of history, although we don't always know what they are!


CeeCee said...

Isn't 90+* a rarity in Maryland?

If I was wandering through your garden, I'd only eat the peas and not the pea plants, too. :)

Did you break open one of the seed pods? They look a bit like the pods my ferns put on, but mine are firm--not soft.???

Dog Trot Farm said...

What could be better than to spend the day working in the garden, yours is coming along quite nicely. Glad to hear Leggy has recovered, Bella is such a gentle momma hen and the babies just precious. I had the pleasure of watching Gladys lay an egg and what an honor it was.

Poconoangel said...

Have you ever broken open a peach pit? Are those "seeds" the size of the "seed" inside the peach pit? They kind of look like that. What do you think? -- Sounds mighty hot down there!!

Robin said...

I am SO very jealous. Your beans look wonderful. I haven't got any beans or squash planted yet. This stupid weather over here is really making it hard to garden. I don't suppose that you want to come over here and weed for me huh? :)

Poconoangel said...

Maybe you should pot them and see what they turn into!!

Toni aka irishlas said...

I think we're going to be in for a bloody hot summer this year! When it gets this hot, I can't be out in the heat of the day, so, I do most of my garden work in the morning.
Your garden is looking good! Beans already - lucky you!

Glad to hear Leggy is good to go again.

Leigh said...

Wonderful pictures and post! I hadn't thought of books on ipod. Do you download them from someplace?

The problem with really hot weather I think, is that it dries the ground out so quickly.

Are you going to let one of those seeds grow to see what it is?

Razzberry Corner said...

CeeCee - No, not really, at least not this year! It's been in the 90's quite a bit already this year. This week we've been lucky & it's been raining in the afternoons, which cools it down a bit. Yes, I broke open one of the seed pods, it was soft & white on the inside.

Julie - Thanks!

Barb - I don't know if I've ever broken open a peach pit! I think so, but am not sure!

Robin - I'm sorry! The weather has been so very rainy in OR this year! Is this normal?

Toni - I liked to do gardening in the mornings before the heat settles in, too. It's so peaceful in the mornings...

Leigh - I download digital books from my local county library. I logon to the library webpage from home using my library account, and it's quite easy to download digital books & transfer them to my iPod. I've been doing this for years - I listen to books when I exercise, drive, work in the garden, anytime! I started doing language digital books (I wanted to learn Arabic), but found they required too much concentration, so I moved on to mysteries. Hopefully your library has a digital book section!


sarah at secret housewife said...

Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I came over to look at your farm and I'm glad I did! It looks beautiful. I love all the wildlife you get and your photos are super.I am looking forward to starting my garden and I hope I get some beans like yours!S

Razzberry Corner said...

Sarah - It is nice to "meet" you!! Come on by anytime!