Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Eggs and Time to Say GoodNight Mister!

First of all, just wanted to share a dozen eggs.

Aren't they pretty?  I'm so proud of them!  The two Cuckoo Maran pullets just started laying little dark brown eggs.  We are almost positive all 4 Rhode Island Reds that we chose as chicks this summer are now young roosters.  No eggs from them! :(  They are submissive roosters so far, they haven't been hurting any hens nor fighting with the primary 2 flock roosters.  All it takes is a peck from one of our smallest bantam hens and those giant RIR boys go running and screaming away.


And look - who's this???
This is one of our woodchuck boys.  He's grabbing a last-minute snack!
I don't know why we always have male woodchucks living around our house.  No females.  Which is fine with us - no babies!  The woodchucks enjoy eating every flower I ever plant and love to eat my garden before it grows.

I took these pictures on Nov 13, 2011 - he was in my backyard.
By now this little boy is fast asleep down underground in his home.
Stay warm down there, Little Chuck


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Gorgeous eggs, we've had our "chicks" since May and two are now laying. I get a thrill every time Ken brings in our two a day (so far only two are laying). Can you tell it's our first time at raising chickens?

And thanks for the picture of the Woodchuck . . . I've never seen one before. They're pretty cute, however I wouldn't like them scarfing down my garden.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Beautiful eggs, the thrill of gathering eggs here at Dog Trot Farm is just as exciting as day one. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, blessings from Maine, Julie.

Leigh said...

Love the egg shot. We have woodchucks too. How do you know your's are all male?