Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Razzberry Corner!





Guinea Hen

Jack and Shadow



Bad Rhode Island Red Rooster



Guinea flock
These photos don't include everyone around here, just some of the critters that slowed down enough to get their pictures taken in the past few weeks.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Zoner is doing great in the chicken infirmary.  She just has a sore behind her left eye, which is healing fine.  Her comb is all healed now.  She has taken to sitting in a nest box in the infirmary coop - I hope she's not getting broody!

Danni is doing ok, also.  As ok as can be expected for a chicken with a broken leg!  She happily drank her aspirin water tonight.  She ate well tonight - she likes cranberry sauce and cooked celery!  She especially likes to be hand fed.  Spoiled bird!

The 4 large Rhode Island Red roosters got themselves in trouble with me tonight - I found them viciously attacking the hens - they grab the hens necks/heads and don't leg go.  It's an attempt for sex, but the hens fight and run and end up being hurt.  I found a lot of blood in the chicken pen tonight, so all birds were inspected thoroughly for wounds.  It was odd that I found no wounds on anyone.  I did not look at the 4 RIR roosters themselves.  Maybe they were fighting each other?  They looked fine from a distance. 

While I was handling all the chickens, I sprayed all their legs for leg mites.  I try to do leg mite spray and poultry body mite powder every now and then to keep the birds safe from these parasites.  I locked the 4 RIR roos out of the coop until well after dark because they were very randy in the coop while everyone was choosing their roosting spot.  Those roosters are too large and wild for our bantam hen flock; soon all the hens are going to be in the infirmary with rooster injuries.  The RIR boys were allowed back into the coop after it was dark, so they would go straight to sleep.  I'm sorry to say, their days are numbered in my chicken flock.

Bobby the outside cat is doing great.  He's gotten all shots, has been de-flead/de-ticked, and de-wormed.  And he's still friendly after all that!  He still prefers the outside to the inside of the house, but that will change when the weather gets cold again, I'm sure!

Happy Holidays from Razzberry Corner!

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Danni said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your critters, Lynn! I loved all the pictures of everyone but I'm particularly partial to sweet Danni (lol) - she is a pretty thing, isn't she? :-) :-)
Roosters can be so wicked... and I can't for the life of me figure out why they have to be so vicious during the whole mating thing. Seems like they'd be a lot more successful if they'd just gentle it up a bit. lol

cmarlow41 said...

Lynn: Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Just wanted to let you know that I processed a large, heirloom pumpkin today and have some extra if you want some. It makes awesome pumpkin cupcakes w/cream cheese frosting!

Knatolee said...

I'm glad Danni is hanging in there, and that Bobby is doing well too. Give Danni a little kiss from me.

Someone asked me yesterday if I wanted more roosters. Er, NO! Three is enough. I'm glad our guys get along and since we upped the hen population, none of the girls are looking too ragged.

What do you use for spraying for leg mites?

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Ours was in October. :) said...

What a beautiful family of critters you have there! Poor Zoner and Danni :( I hope they recover completely. Some roosters can be so ugly. We've got two teenage roos that are starting to be a little tough on the girls. They'll be in freezer camp in the next few weeks. *sigh*

We had a wonderfully quiet Thanksgiving celebration. Diesel's leg is still mending, so we didn't invite anyone over for fear he would hurt himself in his excitement. And we didn't go anywhere because.... well.... we hardly ever do! We enjoyed a relaxing day with our menagerie of animals.

I really love your black cats. I'm very partial to them. I read one time that they have a gene that makes them especially sweet. I have no idea if that's true, but I've never met a black cat that I didn't like. Well, any other colored cat for that matter :)

Benita said...

Do I smell chicken pot pie?

RIRs are mean roosters. We had one growing up (only one, mind you) and that rooster would flog anything that moved. We took to grabbing an old golf club on our way out the door and immediately swinging it as soon as the door opened. Fore! Rooster in one!

Sharon said...

I love your critter pictures, especially your black cat.