Monday, November 21, 2011

Danni Hen Update

Danni, the chicken with the broken leg, again, has been diagnosed.  Her right tibia bone has a compound fracture right at the joint where it joins into the hip. You can feel a sharp edge of the broken tibia bone through the skin.  It makes use of her right leg impossible.  After studying her and listening to her, and spending A LOT of time with her, it was determined she is in a lot of pain.  She doesn't show pain much.  She may make a slight little noise when she hurts.  But you mostly notice pain in her eyes.  And she will not eat or drink when she's hurting. 
She has been put on aspirin water for the pain.  Physical therapy has stopped for now. 
Here she was this morning.  She was hurting this morning and didn't want to eat much.  You can see from her eyes that she doesn't look happy.  And she's staying all balled up.

She enjoys being around the other chickens, so I propped her up in front of the window in her coop so she could see the other birds.

This chart shows the location where her leg is broken.

Here a friend is visiting through the screen.  The friend is a white with black spots Araucana mix pullet.  Actually, this bird is a grand-daughter of our primary rooster, Muffin.  We haven't yet named her.

Here Lucy is visiting poor Danni.  Danni's not really interested in visitors today.

Here was Danni's standard food:  chicken food, wheat, and scratch corn.

And here was Danni's breakfast treats this morning:  corn, broccoli, spinach, peas, and oatmeal.  She ate a little bit of each, but not much.

Poor Danni hen.


John Gray said...

humm this is a hard one...

fractured legs and pain...
if she eats, then I would continue, with rest and care as she may have a chance
if she doesnt then I would, I am afraid put her down...
an animal in pain, that does not improve must be culled

so sorry x

Dog Trot Farm said...

Oh how heart wrenching this situation is, my heart goes out to you. Poor sweet Danni, an animal in pain is very difficult to watch. Know that you are doing all that you can and then some. I am sorry I have no advice, but will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Julie.

Knatolee said...

Thinking good thoughts for all of you, Lynn. She's such a pretty little hen and I now you are taking good care of her. xoxo

Danni said...

Ohhhh, Lynn...dangit!
I love the pictures of Danni's visitors...I am so sad there isn't something quick and simple you can do to alleviate her pain.
I'm sending your post to my "chicken mentors" to see if they don't have any suggestions...
I'll be back..

Razzberry Corner said...

John Gray, thanks so much for your help. I will wait it out and see how she does. Aspirin water does wonders for her pain, believe it or not. I notice a difference in her attitude after she drinks. I remember back when she had a broken toe the aspirin water helped her then, too.

Julie - Thanks. It is a sad situation.

Nat - She is a little hen. And she has such a little sweet voice.

Danni - Thanks so very much!

Danni the Hen update~~
In the past few days Danni the hen has wanted to stand more, and sit on the ground in a ball less. Especially today. She stands on 1 leg. I think she's starting to feel better. She only stands for a minute or two before she gets tired and sits again. But it's the first sign that she's doing better. I'm going to wait and see how she does. I've gotten so darn attached to the little hen since I've been working with her so much every day. I've learned of her fav foods, I know she loves the back of her neck massaged, I know she wont poop if I'm holding her because she doesn't want to poop on me, she figits and jumps around in my arms till I put her down so she can poop. She tolerates cats, but really doesn't like them. She loves to look at the kitchen ceiling, studying all the boards. When we sit outside, she keeps one eye in the sky, and notices every airplane or bird that flies overhead. How can I kill an animal like this, with thoughts and ideas, even though they are chicken thoughts? If I think she's hurting and wont get better or has a bad quality of life, such as if she never is able to walk again and must sit in a ball on the ground for the rest of her life, well, then I'll consider having someone else put her down. but right now we will wait and see.