Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bobby Cat

Meet Bobby.  
If you've been around Razzberry Corner much, you already know Bobby.

Bobby is a stray cat that showed up outside and never left the porch.  We, of course, feed all hungry souls, and Bobby became a part of life here.  Bobby is a working class cat.  He takes care of the outside.  He catches any birds that are brave enough to land on the ground.  He is friends with all other critters, including Jerry, the woodchucks, opossums, and raccoons.  he knows to let them be and they don't bother him.  Bobby really dislikes the guineas, but he puts up with them.  He doesn't like being locked in the chicken pen, but really doesn't mind the chickens from a distance.  Bobby assisted when a night monster, what we believe was a great horned owl, was killing the guineas and Randy spent many nights outside hunting.  Bobby was by his side all those nights, happy to assist with guard duty. 

The only thing is, Bobby doesn't understand why he lives outside and we have 2 other cats who live strictly inside.  It's getting cold outside.  Poor Bobby.

Here are Shadow and Jack.  Shadow was a stray who lived outside here at this house, and Jack was a stray from a former house.  Both cats melted my heart, moved inside, have been fixed and get all yearly shots and exams.  They now live the good life.

Yes - Shad looks just like Bob. She looks like she could be his mother or sister.  She doesn't have the same personality as him at all, though.

Bob, Shad and Jack are all friends through the glass.  We have been very careful to never let anyone smell noses, as we didn't know if Bobby had FELV (feline leukemia), a deadly and infectious cat disease.

And the good news is that this week we got Bob tested and he does NOT have FELV!  He got his FELV immunization and all his shots this week, and got de-flead and de-ticked.  Next we have to get the Bobster de-wormed, and then he will be ready to go!  We already let all the cats smell noses, and we've been carrying Bobby around the house in our arms, so he sees that there's life inside.  Right now he seems to prefer being outside, but that's just because he's scared inside still.  

This means that Bobby doesn't have to brave another cold winter outside by himself.
Yeah, Bobby! 


Knatolee said...

This is great news!! I am very happy for Bobby and you two as well. :)

Ronna said...

Yippee! Great story. Bobby looks like a possible love bug...once you get him inside. Nice post.

LindaG said...

We have a stray that doesn't like the house, either.
We've thought about getting his shots and such, but we're not completely convinced he doesn't have another family, as he doesn't stay here all the time.

In the meantime, we have set him up a kitty bed in the shed where he comes and goes and has a warm place to sleep. And we feed him on the porch.
And he and the house cats see each other through the glass of the patio door.

Very glad to hear about Bobby. :)

Country Girl said...

Don't you think you will get Bobby and Shadow mixed up, at least by sight? But I agree, it would be nice to bring him in if you can.

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad he got to have a gander at inside. I always worry about animals that for what ever reason choose to live outside. I am always glad when the get the chance to live in the warm house. Good for Bobbi!

Carolyn Renee said...

Yea for Bobby! It would break my heart to see him outside in the cold, looking through the window at the other two cats wondering why HE wasn't inside as well! BTW, that's what we did with all our strays....they start outside, but eventually end up inside cuddling with us by the fire. Bless your kitty-luv'n heart!

Razzberry Corner said...

Nat - Thank you, thank you, and Bob thanks you!

Ronna - you are very right, he is a big love bug. Bob may be more of a lovebug than our Jack, and I've never known a cat as sweet as Jack. Bob just needs the attention and his sweetness will shine out.

LindaG - Our cat Shadow was terrified in the house when we first brought her in. She would have preferred to be outside, but in my opinion it was just too cold outside for her. It's hard to setup any cathouse here because the coons come in and check out everything and scare the cat away, and opposums walk thru, and Jerry often comes by and marks Bobby's bed. Jerry's not fixed, Bob is fixed. I know, the solution to that is to get Jerry step at a time!

Barb - Yes, we'll prob get them mixed up if they're running around the house. But right now Bob is shorter/smaller than Shad. Shad is a big-boned muscular cat. Plus a layer of fat on top of the muscles. Bob is short and fat with skinny legs and not much muscle.

Farm Girl - I always worry about cats outside, it's so darn cold out there. We give the chickens heat lamps. We spoil them. (They already have their heat lamp going this year.) Plus I worry about the guineas out in the trees. But somehow the wild birds survive the cold winters, so I guess the guineas will, too.

CR - Me too! I can't help it. When I was 4 years old, I remember letting the local stray cat into the house when my mom was talking on the phone. She was carrying a newborn kitten. I opened the front door and let her in, opened it and let her out, etc, etc, until she carried a whole litter of kittens into our house. When my mother found out she was so mad! The kittens were found under my big brother's bed! I've loved animals my whole life!


LindaG said...

Lynn, definitely one step at a time. :)

I haven't noticed any animals like that here, but I need to remember that when we move to the retirement property, so thanks for this information!

Robin said...

He is such a pretty boy. I'm glad that he doesn't have FELV.