Saturday, February 5, 2011

She lays both green and brown eggs!

I know all you experienced chicken people will think I'm crazy with this blog post.
But I know what I saw!
I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it myself.

Previously, my pullet, Jade, laid light green eggs.


Jade's green egg
I watched Jade lay a light green egg with my own eyes in January.
She's been laying green eggs since she started laying, which was about the beginning of the year.  She's still a pullet, and doesn't give us eggs every day.  And there are a few other pullets in the flock who are laying green eggs, too. 
But I KNOW I saw Jade lay a light green egg.

And then early this morning, I watched Jade lay an egg.  In an empty nest box.  I watched it come from her rear and thump on the floor of the nestbox.   
As soon as it was laid, when Jade was still standing tall in the nestbox (they stand up when they lay), I grabbed the still-wet egg.
And to my amazement it was light brown!
I didn't think it was possible for both green and brown eggs to come from the same hen!
It's just amazing to me! 
Jade was hatched from a light brown egg, if that makes any difference.

Lucy and Ethel chat about the egg mystery

Danni, with her broken toe, isn't impressed about green eggs

Left to right: Betty, Leggy, Raspberry, Chloe's tail

Such drama in the coop these days!


Chai Chai said...

I love how you know all your chickens by name, all ours look alike (except for Lucy and Honey).

That is a mystery, I can't wait to read what everyone has to say about this.

Razzberry Corner said...

Chai Chai - we have 2 hens named Charlotte and 2 hens named Chloe. They look so much alike and so they have the same names since I cannot tell them apart. Also, we have 2 pullets named Nutmeg. Both Nutmegs are identical in color, but one is much smaller. Randy's been calling the smaller pullet Nut and the larger one Meg. I've morphed the name "Nut" into "Nutty", as I feel sorry for a chicken named "Nut". Every night I do a complete inventory of all birds by name to make sure they're all in the coop, it helps me to remember all their names!

chook said...

the miracle that *is* chickens.

and something about not looking gift eggs in the cloaca.


Farm Girl said...

Who would have thought. You see things you wouldn't normally see when you have chickens. We had a hen, who laid eggs all of the time. Then she got caught by a fox, she was a big hen and we yelled and chased and the fox dropped her, then she became a rooster. A big rooster. He even had a big crow. Just weird things.

Lisa said...


And that's all I have to say about that.

Razzberry Corner said...

chook - lol! Eggs certainly are gifts from those precious little birds.

Kim - I remember reading that story about your hen that turned into a rooster before. It is certainly crazy! But you know since you've seen it happen. Who knew that chickens could experience a change in gender?

Lisa - Yes, it is!

I have actually been researching egg color and have some interesting info for my next post! I think I may have explained the mystery!!!


Karen Anne said...

I looked this up, this is from

All eggs are initially white, and shell color is the result of the pigments called porphyrins being deposited while the eggs are in the process of formation. In the case of the Rhode Island Red, the brown pigment protoporphyrin, derived from haemoglobin in the blood, is what gives the shell its light brown color. The Araucana produces a pigment called oocyanin, which is a product of bile formation, and results in blue or bluish-green eggs. Interestingly, the color goes right through the shell, making the eggs difficult to candle during incubation...

“Although shell color is mainly determined by genetics, the effect of strong sun and high temperatures on the hens can produce a fading effect on the shells...” Thear says. She notes that stress, premature laying, changes in diet, bullying, viral infections, and the presence of predators can also lead to eggs with pale colors.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Is Jade an Araucana or Ameraucana chicken? I've heard that they can lay multicolored eggs from green to blue to brown.

Toodie said...

Hello, glad I came across your blog. I LOVE chicken blogs! Wow green then brown eggs? I have 16 week old Orps and cannot wait till they dawn me with an egg. I would like to follow you. I invite you to my Chicken Doodle Coop blog ;-)

Leigh said...

Lynn, that is amazing! I didn't know they could do that. I'll have to keep an eye on mine and see if anything like that every happens.

Terry said...

Very interesting! Maybe a change in diet?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Jade: beautiful AND talented!
I've never heard of multi-colored egg laying abilities before, I think you've got a very special girl.
Personally, though, Danni is my favorite. Even with her poor broken toe. Please tell her I have a lovely shade of nail polish that might dress up that toe a bit. It always works wonders for me.

Knatolee said...

She is one talented chicken!!! Love those birds.

Razzberry Corner said...

Karen Anne - very interesting!!!! I have been researching why chickens lay different colored eggs, too, and will be posting again on this issue soon! Thanks so much for the info!

CA Grammy - Jade's a Americauna mix. Most Americauna's lay a green egg, and Araucana's lay blue eggs, i believe. But they don't mix it up with a green egg one day and a brown egg the next day! It's just strange!

Toodie - I love chicken blogs - I will go check yours out! Thanks for visiting! I look forward to hearing about your chicken's eggs when they start laying!

Leigh - Please do let us know if this happens to you! :)

Terry - No, there hasn't been a change in the chicken's diet recently. Randy said maybe I should put green food color in their water!

Danni - Lol, I need to do my nails tonight, maybe I'll do them in the coop! The chickens will all be pecking at my nailpolish!

Knatolee - Who knew chickens could have such talents?! :D


Robin said...

Hmm, that is weird but kinda neat. :)

Verde Farm said...

She may be a special hen that lays eggs of many colors :) I have to suggest you e-mail the Chicken Wrangler--she has a hen that takes all kinds of questions like this and I bet she will have an answer. Great blog if you haven’t seen it :)
The chickens are so pretty. I love Leggy!

Genny said...

Lynn, my nicechick is ambi-d-eggs-trous! LOL

Wilma Ruggiero said...

Love the jade egg!