Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brownie's New Life

Our rooster Brownie has found a new home with a hen named Shirley.
Some friends had 2 hens, Laverne and Shirley.  Sadly, a huge barred owl managed to get into their chicken pen and killed Laverne.  The owl was chased off before it could take Shirley.  So we gave them Brownie to help protect their flock as they get more chickens.  They also fixed the pen enclosure to keep out the owls.    

Brownie is a great protector and always was very attentive to the hens in our flock.  He liked to serenade them - sing little humble songs to a single hen when she was sitting out in the pen.  He always was very gentle with the hens, but a brave a fearless rooster when he needed to be.  He was the #2 rooster in our flock - second in the rooster pecking order.  He will be a good leader for their flock.

The hen Shirley seemed to love having Brownie around. She followed him everywhere. They got along great right from the beginning.  Shirley was probably just happy to have another chicken with her. She was a brave hen, she faced an enormous owl and saw her sister killed.

It's nice to know our rooster has found a good home.
Good luck, Brownie, and take care of your new flock!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Awww! I like in that last photograph how the lovely hen is looking to Brownie!

Knatolee said...

They make a lovely couple! :)

Guess what? Extracted my first honey yesterday, 30 lbs of it. We should get 50 - 60 lbs more this year. I was so happy. One day you'll be doing this!! My mentor said it's really nice honey. The girls did an excellent job.

Poconoangel said...

Aww- Mom told me about the neighbor's chicken tragedy! Brownie is such a handsome little rooster! And he and Shirley look so nice together! How generous of you and Randy to share!

Gail said...

Guard well!

Genny said...

Brownie is very beautiful. It's nice to know that he's gentle with the hens. He should be a wonderful protector and leader. Reading the stories of your chickens and Knat's farm, I just want to retire and go get a farm and some chickens of my own. Then you'll have some nices and nepchicks.

CeeCee said...

My, she is dazzled by his beauty, isn't she?
The arrangement works out for all involved.

Leigh said...

That is so sweet. There's one benefit of having some extra roos. Brownie is a very handsome fellow and he and Shirley make a beautiful pair.

Razzberry Corner said...

Isobelle - That hen, Shirley, loves Brownie! A couple days after his arrival she started laying eggs, which tells me she's a happy hen.

Knatolee - Oh, I love honey! Congrats on your first honey! I'm going to go check your blog - did you blog about it?

Barb - Randy just picked up 2 hens from an Amish guy & gave them to the people who have Brownie, so now they have 3 hens. Brownie has his own flock now.

Gail - I hope he does!

Genny- How far is Sterling from you? I'm going to be staying in Sterling next week for training.

CeeCee - The hen was so happy to see Brownie, she is a lucky lady to have survived the owl attack!


Razzberry Corner said...

Leigh - I always am trying to give away roosters to good homes. Some people rescue cats, not me, I'm always asking if anyone has a farm for a good rooster. I think it's because these roos were my first chicks. I hand raised them and got attached to them. I didn't know any better last year (I'm older and wiser now!! :)) My husband has been patient putting up with me! Since then, I'm not naming my birds until I can determine their sex, and am not getting attached to the roosters. At least that's the plan!


Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm said...

Brownie is quite a handsome fellow and I hope he finds his niche with his new flock. I must say I've always had a lot of respect for the way in which you take care of your chickens. You afford them dignity and respect and don't look at them as just objects. As we say in Texas, good on ya'! We didn't plan on having any roosters, but my wife picked up what she was assured were 7 Ameracauna/Barred Rock hen chicks, but it turned out that 4 of them were roos. We found a good home for two of them and have kept the other 2. I've noticed the boss rooster does his best to keep track of all the girls but their about 20 of them and he has to also be on the alert that the 2nd roo doesn't take any liberties!

Knatolee said...

I still haven't blogged about it -- I need to take some photos. I will try to get on that today! It's an important event. :)

Robin said...

What a pretty boy he is. I was wondering what you were doing with all your roosters.