Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holy Crap You're Old!

Last night I made a birthday cake for a friend who turned 50!!

A toilet cake!

This cake design was recommended for the recipient.  He's the practical joker in the office.

The cake was orange with buttercreme icing.  The toilet was made from a cardboard form that I created, with homemade marshmallow fondant icing covering the form.  
The homemade fondant icing was actually good - I cannot stand the taste of pre-made fondant. 
I finally learned how to make fondant icing that tastes good and I put it on a toilet!!


Farm Girl said...

Wow, that is to funny, You are really good at making cakes.

CeeCee said...

Very good! I like the sentiment as well.

Terry said...

Oh my goodness! That cake must have been a huge hit! Good job!

Razzberry Corner said...

Farm Girl - This one took 6 hours to design and create the toilet, and make, bake and ice the cake. it was an undertaking!

CeeCee - Thanks! It was a fun day today!

Terry - It made the day alittle brighter! At least it made everyone smile!


Kessie said...

Well, the gray icing doesn't look very appetizing, but at least it wasn't shades of deep brown, eh? Really nice job on the toilet! I wonder who, if anyone, got to sample it.

Sue said...

Nicely done!

Knatolee said...

FABULOUS cake, Lynn! I love it! I should be so lucky when I turn 50. :)

Btw, someone asked a question of you in response to your comment on my blog about feather-picking:

I am thinking that Chicky is doing some of the damage to herself, because I don't think her front is getting bald because of roosters! Her saddle arrived last night.
BUt I digress... great cake!!

Ronna said...

Knatolee told me about your toilet cake. Love it! As a cake maker, you're right up there. Terrific. Hey, would you mind me asking about the marshmallow fondant recipe? I've always been curious about it and don't know how to make it! IF you want, check out some of my cakes on my site (full of other stuff too!) at

Razzberry Corner said...

Kessie - Thank you! The folks in my office ate the cake. It was really good with vanilla ice cream!

Sue - Thnk you! :)

Nat - Lucy is only bald on the back. That's weird that Chicky is now getting bald on the front! She must be doing it! has she molted this year? I just answered the Q on your blog about Lucy.

Ronna - I just did some google searching and came up with the recipe at:

It was very easy, you add your own flavoring, so you can make it any flavor you want. As it cools it gets harder and harder. Initially it's VERY sticky, and you have to add alot of powdered sugar to roll it. I'll be looking for the fondant cakes on your blog!!! :D I'm going to work with it more, too, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more of it here on this blog! I LOVE all your cakes, they are awesome!


Ronna said...

Okay Lynn, I'm officially following you and will look for cakes and love your chicken pix and everything else. Love it! And thanks for the fondant recipe. Will check it out! (Thanks for the tips too.)

Knatolee said...

Lynn, Ronna is not only an artist, she makes freaking incredible cakes (and lives near me!) Check out her blog for cake inspiration! :)

Knatolee said...

Lynn, Chicky is now over a year old and I think she did go through her moult, but really she's just been looking raggy for some time. I think she is reaching down and pulling our her chest feathers, poor thing.

Shouldn't all my hens who are a year old (or more) have moulted by now? None of the black Sex Links ever looked like they moulted, but Chicky and Anastasia (the red Sex Links) certainly did. Mysteries of the chicken!

Jeanne said...

LOVE your cake. Not sure if this would be easier or harder for your next toilet cake but how about using rice krispy treats as your toilet?