Friday, January 28, 2011

The Day After the Storm

Backyard in snow
We survived the snowstorm from last Wednesday night.  We only got about 5 inches of snow overnight.  And our power stayed on the entire time!  The electricity did blink off and back on a few times, just long enough to reset every clock in the house. 
The snow was pretty when I took these pictures on Thursday morning.  I love the sky in the above picture.  It was taken in the morning when the sun was rising behind all the clouds. 

In the mornings Randy often puts birdseed on the windowsills so the cats have some entertainment.  The little songbirds are not afraid of the cats on the inside of the windows, and they sit right on the outside eating their breakfast.  It seems like after a snowstorm the wild birds are ravenous and very excited to find seeds.

Shadow watching birds out window

Shadow attempting a sneak attack on the birds

This storm was very exciting because it caused evening lightning and thunder while it was snowing heavy. It was exciting to see the lightning in the snowflakes! The house shook hard from the thunder.  The cats hid under the bed during the lightning and thunder.

The guineas slept through the stormy night in the giant pine tree.  They didn't want to come down out of the tree on Thursday morning, so I had to take pictures of them in the tree.

How many guinea fowl can you find in the below picture of the pine tree???
(Remember, we have 7 gray guineas, 1 pure white, and 2 darker guineas)

Guineas in the pine tree

Gray colored Guinea
I love the below picture of the spruce tree on the edge of the field because of the sky.  The sky on the right side is pretty and blue, the sky on the left side of the tree is cloudy and stormy. 
No Photoshopping is ever done to my pictures ~ I just don't have time for that!

Our road through the woods
And so another day passes here at Razzberry Corner. 
Have a good weekend!


Kessie said...

I'm glad you only got about five inches, and not the whopping foot that seems to have made the headlines. Five inches is pretty, but manageable. It made your farm so pretty!

Chai Chai said...

I see 4 Grey (including the one in the top left corner). one white, and I think one royal (up and to the left of the white!

You have such beautiful property.

Gail said...

Beautiful photos!

Stay warm.

Periwinkle Farm said...

you took some really good pictures. I must say i am reeeaalllllyyyyy glad that we did not get any snow. It looks beautiful but everything closes are here.

chook said...

gorgeous photos! and so appropriate that the electricity went off only like enough to reset the clocks, lol.

i once experienced a lightning/thunder storm during a very strong snowstorm. it was very weird because you don't expect that combination.

Genny said...

Lynn, your photos are just beautiful. I love the color of the sky too. And I'm glad you didn't lose any branches from your pine. Quite a few folks here lost huge limbs or whole trees from the weight of the snow. When I lived in NC, I used to put peanuts on my windowsills, and the bluejays would come and get them. When I would forget, they'd sit on the sill and look in the window! So much fun.

Razzberry Corner said...

Kessie - We were lucky in that we only got about 5 inches of snow. Genny from the Downeast blog is about an hour west of me and she got a foot. It's all about location!

Chai Chai - YES! You win! I saw 6 guineas in the photo, too! :)

Gail - Thanks! I'm still dreaming of summertime!

PF - Thanks. I think morning pictures turn out the best. All the schools closed here on Thursday, and many were delayed on Friday, too.

chook - I was SOOO happy that we didn't lose electricity. That means no heat and no water. Several people I know lost electricity, I felt so bad for them. It's cold outside!

Yes, isn't snow and lightning weird? I'll have to research why that happened...

Genny - Are you feeling better? I hope so! :) We didn't lose any branches around the house. That huge old pine tree is the strongest tree, it's been around forever. It'll probably still be there after I'm gone!

Bluejays are very smart birds, I've heard of people taming them. Our bluejays travel in a jay flock of about 10 birds- we can always hear them coming. And then they go on their way again.

Terry said...

Very pretty!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I can't even imagine a thunder/lightning storm during a snow event. Those just seem like polar opposite events. To see lightning lighting up the snowflakes would just feel like a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. crazy.
Love the (imagined) sneak attack by your cat! :-)