Sunday, January 2, 2011

Green Egg for a New Year

Yesterday, Jan 1st, 2011, one of my 5-month old pullets blessed me with her very first egg.  She was very excited to go into the nest box like the grown-up girls.  She chattered, yelling at anyone coming near as she sat in the box.  She gathered straw and made herself a nice fluffy nest in her nestbox.  And then she gave us her first egg.
And bless her, she laid a green egg!!!

All the other hens lay light brown eggs. Out of 13 original hens, all brown eggs.  We were told some of the hens were Ameraucanas, who should lay green or blue eggs.  But since they give us light brown eggs we assumed they were mixed breed.  We bought our original hens and roosters from an Amish farm market with no promises.

The pullet who gave us a green egg is a chick from our own hens, raised last summer from a light brown egg herself.

The pullet has buff/light brown feathers and the fluffy Ameraucana-looking head, as do some of our other hens who lay brown eggs.  But we couldn't help but notice she has green ears.  No one else has green ears in our flock.  We were looking forward to her eggs, wondering, hoping, that just maybe...

I will have to get some pictures of this unique little pullet.  She has not even been given a name, poor girl.  She was one of 8 chicks born in late July, and we try not to name them until we determine which are pullets and which are cockerels - hence, until we know which we are going to keep. 
She's a keeper!

And if this is a sign for the new year, then it's going to be a good year!

Happy 2011 from Razzberry Corner!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Yay! My lady loves her Cordelia and Poot, who give her green eggs!
People just don't believe they are real and she loves to give them to friends! Congratulations!

Knatolee said...

Yaaay! I'm jealous! I want a green- or blue-egg layer

Verde Farm said...

How exciting. That is a beauty too. I want colored eggs so badly but we don’t have any green egg layers. I have a suggestion for her name though...Verde (Vairday is how we say it) but you probably know that it means green in latin and spanish :)

Wonky Girl said...

Oh yes, she is a keeper for sure! As a chicken lover myself I can understand your excitement about the green egg :) We have Muffy and the Wild Girls who give us green eggs.

Gail said...

I used to have hens with colored eggs. They are so amazing.

The hens Marcy has now are boringly producing browns and whites.

You won't even have to dye them for Easter!

Chai Chai said...

How fun, now I need to get a colored egg layer just to keep up. She definitely needs her own name.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

What fun . . . now she deserves a name. Beautiful fresh eggs, nothing better!

alicemckay said...

A wonderful New Year present. What fun.

WeldrBrat said...

Ohhh, and there's just... something that feels so ... whole... once you see eggs from ALL your girls snuggling together inside a carton!!!

Terry said...

That's so nice! I can't wait to read what you name her. It's a nice start to the new year.

Farm Girl said...

So nice, I only have one now that lays colored eggs and she is some kind of mixed breed too. I always wonder about her. Now you have to give her a name. :)

Robin said...

Cool! Our two green egg laying hens are not laying at the moment. It's always exciting getting that colored egg in the mix.

Upupaepops said...

well I will ask the qwuestion

Did you have Ham with it?

Genny said...

Well, I think you should call my niecechick Genny after her aunt. LOL! Beautiful egg! Started work yesterday. Can you say hectic?

Toni aka irishlas said...

We are in a "no egg laying" time here at the homestead and dare I say, I'll have to go buy eggs!!

Happy New Year!

Razzberry Corner said...

IsobelleGoLightly - Thanks for the congrats! So far, people that I've told about the green egg don't seem to excited to eat it!

Knatolee - We were disappointed when we didn't get a colored egg layer in our first generation of hens. We had to wait till the second generation.

Amy - I ran the name "Verde" for the pullet by Randy, but he wasn't enthusiastic about it. I'm sorry!!!

WG - We have a rooster named Muffin. We thought it was a hen, but it turned into a boy. So we call him Muff. He is our lead rooster. He looks Americaunan. He may be the green-egg laying pullet's father.

Gail - It is exciting to get a colored egg. You're right about Easter, I didn't even think about that! Can't wait! :)

Chai Chai - I need to get some goats and sheep to keep up!!

CAGrammy - I tell everyone that my green eggs are fresh, but it seems everyone thinks they are rotten eggs. People who don't have chickens just don't understand green eggs!

alicemckay - Yes, it was a nice surprise!

WeldrBrat - It's cool to see those little green eggs in the cartons! they are still so small!

Terry - We have chosen a name. It's a simple, easy-to-remember name. We have many chickens, and all the hens get names. So my husband and I have to remember them all. I'll post a blog about it soon.


Razzberry Corner said...

Farm Girl - You only have one colored egg layer, too! It's fun, isn't it, to receive something different sometimes?

Robin - We got 9 eggs today. I'm proud of my little chickens. Im surprised they're still laying, despite the cold and snow and molting going on.

Upupaepops - Lol, everyone asks me about green eggs and ham. Who knew that Dr Suess knew about chickens???

Genny - We will have to catch up and you'll have to hell me all about the new job! I can't wait to hear about it!!!!! Are you having fun yet?

Toni aka irishlas - No eggs??? You'll have to buy eggs? Oh no! I'm so sorry!! :(


Anonymous said...

How about naming her Verde which means Green since she is your green egg layer? and congrats on the green egg. My name is Carol.