Saturday, December 4, 2010

Raspberry Discovers the Watering Fountain

Since she wasn't feeling feel, Raspberry the hen has come into the house for a short while every day to warm up and eat. 
Yesterday she discovered the cat waterer! 
She loves the watering fountain!  She drinks and drinks and just doesn't stop drinking until I remove her from the fountain area.  Yesterday she drank from the right side, then from the left side, attempted to drink from the rear, and drank from the center where the water flows down.  Then she stuck her tongue into the water flow and just let the water flow into her beak.  I thought the water must be good for her.  But then she threw up a bunch of water, so I figured she had enough for the day!

Today Raspberry had a drink from the fountain and I recorded it.  She was on edge because the cats were walking around her.  I think she's feeling much better today!


Wonky Girl said...

So glad your hen is better. We've had two in the house sick with chest colds but now they are back outside with their flock. Gave Tylan injections to get them better.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Cute! Glad she's feeling better.

Kessie said...

Look at her face. "Man, this is the best tasting water I've ever had! I've got to have one more drink! But if I put my head down, all that water runs out of my beak. Oh well, what's a little backwash between friends?"

Farm Girl said...

That is so neat so see her drink like that you know why chickens do drink that way? Because every time they look up they are saying " Thank you God for the water."
That was what my grandmother said, So I always hear that when I stand and watch them drink.
I just stand and watch chickens in person and on video. :)

Chai Chai said...

Isn't it odd that the cats and chickens come to an uneasy truce?

Terry said...

She looks pretty perky. Yay!

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a precious little hen Raspberry is, I do hope she is feeling well soon. I adore having a hen in the house, I love being awakened in the morning to the annoucement of a newly laid egg. Only another chicken lover would understand and appreciate this! Now that the weather has turned cold I add a splash of unfiltered vinegar in their water (warm water). Best wishes from Maine.

Lisa said...

That is just so cute! Well not the puking part. I'm glad to here she's better.

Verde Farm said...

Oh sweet little Raspberry. She knew good clean water when she tasted it :) I’m so glad she is feeling better.

CeeCee said...

How is she feeling today?

Lilla said...

Love it! Glad she is improving.

Razzberry Corner said...

WG - I'm glas Raspberry is better. Maybe she had a chest cold or something similar, too.

Toni - Me too!

Kessie - Lol, what's a little backwash between family? But the cats didn't like the chicken drinking out their their waterer one bit, I can tell you that! they were quite upset!

Kim- Now I will always think about the chickens saying Thank You to God! Thank you for telling me that!

Chai Chai - And cats and guineas come to an uneasy truce, too. The guineas have adjust to Jerry, and he to them, although they will never be best friends!

Terry - The water did her wonders!


Razzberry Corner said...

Julie - I was putting Raspberry back outside after she warmed up, so she didn't lay any eggs inside. Come to think of it, I haven't seen her lay outside recently, and haven't gotten any big light-colored Raspberry eggs recently, either.

Lisa - even the puking part was funny. I told her if she didn't stop drinking it would happen, but she didn't listen one bit. Even after she puked she still wanted to go drink some more. Silly hen.

Amy - I think she just liked how the water flowed in the fountain. It was exciting to her, something new. She kept going around behind the fountain to see where the water was coming from. Like a kid with a new toy.

CeeCee - I think she's all better, she's acting much more vibrant these days.

Lilla - I hate to see animals suffering because I know they don't show signs of being sick until they really are bad off. They just don't complain.


Robin said...

That is cute. Don't think I've ever seen a chicken drink out of a watering fountain before.