Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chicken in my Lap!

I've got a chicken in my lap!
It's Raspberry!

Sleeping chicken wrapped in a towel

Raspberry, our very sweetest hen, hasn't been acting like herself ever since the cold temperatures hit.  She's been listless, doesn't really eat much, has dropped a lot of weight, and basically stands around with her eyes closed much of the time.  Her rose comb has shrunk to about half it's size, too.  She's in the molting process and has not gotten all her feathers back in, to add to her issues.  Today I brought her inside and spoiled her with some spaghetti and a nap in front of the fire.  She fell asleep immediately on my lap.  After about an hour she awake and wanted to run around and act like a chicken again. 
Get well soon, Raspberry!

Raspberry was the hen who recovered from bumblefoot issues this past summer.  She had her feet treated and wrapped in bandages back then.  She's spent some time indoors and is used to people and cats and knows all about treats, too!

Raspberry back in July 2010


Verde Farm said...

Oh, she's so beautiful. So good of you to bring her in and spoil her. My rooster, Edgar, got pecked to death today by the hens. He was bleeding terribly and it broke my heart. When you make her spaghetti-do you just make noodles and nothing on them?

Dawn said...

Oh! I know how she feels;))
But no one is making ME any of that to get better. Can I come over?

Chai Chai said...

House chickens, its the new fad - all the rage on the farm!

Genny said...

Lynn, she looks so sweet. I'm so glad she's feeling better now. Maybe she just needed a little warmth and TLC. It's been cold the last couple of days.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

How kind of you to snuggle Raspberry up in front of the fire . . . she's a sweetie!

Lisa said...

Ahhhh...I hope she feels better soon. A sick animal just breaks your heart.

The Chicken Keepers said...

We have a chicken in the house too... she not in my lap at the moment though :) She was doing the same thing as Razzberry, not eating or drinking and just sitting there with her eyes closed, this is her first winter and she's not used to the freezing weather like the other chickens. She is also much smaller then the others. It's amazing what a little spoiling can do :) Hope Razzberry feels better, Shadow is doing MUCH better.

chook said...

the girls get this way, when the days are short and they lose their feathers. i imagine it must be very uncomfortable for them, and they do act like the sky is falling.

could they not pick a better time to shed their feathers? just when it's getting cold?

*sigh* and no eggs either. give it time.

Razzberry Corner said...

Amy - I'm so sorry about Edgar. What happened that the hens started pecking him? Chickens are cruel peckers. When I very first got chicks, one of them lost half a wing due to the other chicks pecking it. All because it was all yellow and had a little black spot on it's wing. Luckily, we saved her in time, and she grew up to be Singer. She sings beautiful songs like a songbird.

About the spaghetti - they love it anyway we give it to them. If I cook it just for them, I make it plain. But I gave Raspberry leftover spaghetti which had tomato sauce on it. She likes tomatoes and gobbled up any tomato pieces that she could find.

Dawn - You can sit in the chair in front of the fireplace in the kitchen, I'll put some extra logs in the fireplace, and we'll have some hot tea!

Chai Chai - Yep - everyone should go get themselves a house chicken!!! Raspberry was such a sweetheart in the kitchen. After she woke from the nap and was warm and feeling better she continually went into the bathroom and stood on the floor in front of the sink. Just stood there. I kept putting her back in front of the fire, she kept going back to the bathroom. She likes the bathroom because she spent some time in there when she had bumblefoot and she remembers. I think she wants to live indoors again! I felt bad putting her back out in the cold last night.

Genny - Yes, I think she doesn't like the cold. Many of the birds just don't like the cold, but Raspberry's weight loss concerns me. I haven't lost any adult chickens yet. I have a special fondness for Raspberry since she's so sweet, she has the kindest personality.

CAGrammy - Come on, you'd do the same thing!

Lisa - Yes, I agree. I dont like anything to suffer.

The Chicken Keepers - That's encouraging news! I'm glad Shadow is better. How long has she been inside?

chook - I've been getting eggs, still. Seven eggs yesterday!


Terry said...

Poor Raspberry! I hope she's better soon.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Poor Raspberry! Hope she's feeling better soon although she might be expecting spaghetti dinners from now on!

AJ-OAKS said...

Oh Rasberry do get well asap. How sweet she likes to come in to the house and get spoiled. Love it!

Razzberry Corner said...

Terry - I hope she's better soon, too!

Toni - Yes, I think she's getting spoiled! But that's ok, because she is the very sweetest, kindest, gentlest bird we have. She deserves it! She now has a little sister, I hope the sister inherited some of those traits! Time will tell!

Cindy - Oh, she loves the house! I have to make a post about how she loves the cat water fountain, that was the funniest thing I've seen in a while! Who ever said chickens don't have personalities?


Poconoangel said...

Those combs are funny looking things!

Lilla said...

We've been dealing with a sick chicken too, but I think ours is a neurological issue. Poppy has spent plenty of time in the house getting held, medicated and extra treats, but she doesn't seem to be improving. I do hope Razzberry is just protesting the cold weather and that she gets better soon. It's hard to watch your fur babies when they are ill.

Razzberry Corner said...

Barb - Raspberry has a rose comb - we don't have too many birds with rose combs, so I like them because they are different. I like to see which birds get the rose comb in the gene lines - genetics is so very interesting to me. Raspberry is Freckles' daughter and both have the rose comb. Now there's a new hen (we think it's a hen) that has a rose comb -another daughter of Freckles, but this one is also a daughter of Leggy, who has the monster comb. I'm very surprised that the big comb was not dominant, instead the rose comb came thru.

Lilla - I'm sorry Poppy is ill! I hope she gets strong quickly. I hate to see animals sick. I'm glad Raspberry got fiesty after just a few days of pampering, heat, good food and lots of water. So far none of our adult chickens have died from getting sick (only from foxes), so I guess we are lucky!


Knatolee said...

Aw, hope she is feeling 100% better every soon!

Robin said...

White pants and a chicken?? lol It's a good thing you had a towel. White anything and me don't get along. :)