Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let it Snow!

Well, I can't fight it anymore.  It's going to snow.  So, let it snow!

Light snow coming down this afternoon
And here it comes!  You can hardly see the light snow coming down in the above photo.  We are supposed to get approximately a foot of snow by tomorrow morning.  It snowed about an inch over Christmas night, then was clear this morning.  Before noon today the snow returned, and now it's snowing steadily outside.

Jerry with milk on his lips.  I spoil him sometimes with warm milk, and canned
and dry cat food.  He always drinks the milk first.

Jerry came up for his breakfast Christmas morning. I was surprised to see him early because he also came up Christmas eve for dinner. The raccoons chased him away Christmas eve before he could finish, but he was able to eat some, so he wasn't hungry. The coons think they are the only animals out there sometimes! Jerry doesn't usually come up morning and night. In fact, often he skips a day in his visits to us. But when we see Jerry we give him a free meal.

Guinea tracks in the snow

The guineas are complaining about the snow. They want to go into the chicken pen, but now they are unable to enter the chicken pen as it has a roof to keep the hawks out. They sit out by the pen gate in a group, waiting to see if the gate will open for them. Some of the the chickens sit on the other side of the gate, watching the guineas. The smart chickens go inside the coop where it's warm. The guineas were raised with the chickens and want to return to the safety and warmth of the coop, I assume. We've been feeding the guineas and making sure they have hot water in the mornings, which they love. During the summer the guineas foraged for food and we didn't have to provide food for them. They are getting very friendly now that we feed them.

More Guinea tracks

I love to take pictures of animal tracks in the snow.  We have Guinea tracks everywhere!

Two Guineas in the brush

Camouflaged guinea
Guineas looking in the chicken pen.
On the right is Boy Guinea, Girl Guinea, and White Guinea. 
Those three are always together.
Some small birds have discovered the Guinea food.  The Guineas chase them away whenever they see the birds eating their food, but the birds sneak food when the guineas aren't watching.  We also feed the wild birds at feeders around the house, but I guess Guinea food is more tasty than regular bird seeds!

Bird footprints in the snow

Little bird tracks leaving and entering the guinea food area


Laura said...

Love the tracks!!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

My lady likes the Guinea track photos! They remind her of Dinotopia language! We like snow here - it makes everything fresh and new!

chook said...

the guinea tracks are very artistic! i love them. enjoy your snowfall...hope you post some pictures of the aftermath.

Terry said...

I'm glad Jerry came by for some Christmas cheer.
The tracks in the snow are so pretty. They look like art paper.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Boy Guinea ... Girl Guinea ... White Guinea ... what creative names do you have for the others? :)

I love the tracks-in-the-snow shots. Welcome winter!?

Gail said...

We have had flurries but nothing stayed...I hope that good fortune continues.

Leigh said...

I love the guinea track photos! I had only one chicken willing to come out in the snow for scratch, but not for long.

Knatolee said...

Love the tracks in the snow, and camou-guinea! Wow, a foot is a lot of snow for you, isn't it?!

John Gray said...

wild bird tracks mean guine food being eaten!!!
bar humbug

Verde Farm said...

I love the guinea and bird tracks in the snow--that is cool. Looks like Jerry got extra Christmas feedings so good for him :) We have a barn cat named Jerry here :) Hope you enjoyed the snow and are staying warm. Happy 2011!

Razzberry Corner said...

Laura - I love tracks in the snow, too!

IsobelleGoLightly - Snow does make everything like new! That's a pleasant way of looking at it! I love it!

chook - The guinea tracks do look artistic. They make our place unique. :)

Terry - I was happy to see Jerry on Christmas morning. I can't believe he hasn't gotten tame yet. We've been feeding him for years, but he's still afraid of us!

CaliforniaGrammy - I didn't want to name the guineas in case we lost some of them over the winter. So their names are simple, just so I can tell them apart and make sure they are all accounted for. The remaining guineas are called #1, #2, #3, etc.!!! :)

Gail - Well, then I also hope you don't get snow, if you don't want any! I'm hoping we get warmer weather, but it's winter, so I can't fight it!

Leigh - Most of our young roosters come out in the snow. They are still trying to prove themselves. The hens are smarter than those boys, they know to stay in the coop where it's warmer!


Razzberry Corner said...

Knatolee - Yes, a foot of snow is alot for us. but last year we had about 4 feet of snow all at once, it was crazy. Luckily, we didn't get anywhere near a foot this time, we only got a few inches. Yeah!!! other areas nearby got more snow than us this time. We lucked out! :) Can you tell I'm not big on snow?

John Gray - Yep, those little wild birds always sneak guinea food. The guineas always chase them, it's funny. Silly little birds! It's like a game they play with the guineas.

Verde Farm - I hope your Jerry is staying warm and well fed, too! Happy New Year!