Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Feet - Chicken Style

One of my hens broke her big toe on her left foot 3 weeks ago.  The prognosis wasn't good at first, as the hen couldn't walk at all and screamed in pain when the foot was touched.  She had no desire to eat or even move.  Since then, the toe was taped straight and she was moved into a small cage in my living room.  Soon she starting moving around more and the small cage was too small for her, so she was allowed to sit on my living room floor on an old towel.  She loved watching TV during this time; I think she was lonely and missed her flock.  At first she just sat, didn't walk to walk or move much.  After a day or two she started walking and pooping all over the living room.  It was then that she was moved into the bathroom, where cleanup was much easier!  During this time the hen was named Danni, as a way of saying thanks to all the advice and guidance from Danni at Critter Farm.  (Thanks again, Danni!!!  I couldn't have made it without your guidance!)

A week and a half ago I took off Danni's cast, but she still couldn't walk on the foot.  It must not have been healed.  The toe bent at a right angle still and she continually fell down when trying to walk.  We cannot keep a lame chicken, so at this time Danni's future was not very bright.  Danni appeared to be depressed from being alone without her fellow chickens (chickens need other chickens), so one of Danni's twins (there were 3 identical hens) was moved in with her, which greatly raised her spirits. I named the twin Chloe.  The broken toe was taped again for another week and a half. 

Danni is in front, Chloe behind

And finally, the good news!!  Today we removed the make-shift cast again.  The toe is still slightly bent.  It healed bent off to the right.  But she can walk!!  That is all that I was hoping for.  She's not too sure of her foot with the cast off, so she'll most likely spend the weekend inside learning how to walk on the foot without a cast.  (I've dealt with chickens in my house now for 3 weeks, another couple days will not bother me more than I've already been bothered.  I've cleaned my bathroom every night, it's become part of my daily routine.)


The broken toe is the big center toe on the foot on the right in this pic.  You can see the toe isn't straight like the one on the other foot.  It's bigger than the other big toe, as it didn't heal straight.  She's not putting her weight on it much, you can she she's relying on her other foot to stand.  But she's not falling over anymore, so I think she'll make it after all.


Gail said...

Wonderful news, saved to lay some eggs and hatch some babies. She will always be easy to handle after all this...unless she blames you for the toe.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What an honor to have a chicken named after you. So glad little Danni is happy and on the mend!

Robin said...

I'm so glad that she seems to be better now. Little Danni is gonna want to live permanently indoors with you. :D

Razzberry Corner said...

Gail - Yes, we seem to have alot of roosters, so we appreciate the hens we have & want to save them if we can. Little Danni is very easy to handle now; I'm sure she'll always be friendly.

Julie - I'm happy, too!

Robin - NO more chickens living inside!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh dear...if she is now known as "little" Danni, does this mean I have to be called "big" Danni? Not sure how I feel about that! lol
Jeez, I wonder why, after taping it and all, it still healed crooked? Poor little girl. You sure are a good chicken mama!

Leigh said...

Lynn, this is such great news! I know it's a real relief for you too.

Razzberry Corner said...

Just a quick update - Danni went back into the coop yesterday. Her toe is totally bent off to the right, but she's walking with her limp just fine. She's able to get around the coop ok, and is eating (although she is not eating as well as she did inside!). The other hens pick on her alittle since she's been away for 3 weeks, but not much. Luckily, she is able to sit on the roosts. Little Danni will be fine - she's a survivor!

Samantha said...

Hi, My parakeet broke his toe about three weeks ago and I let it heal. The vet told me it should be bandaged, but i got a 2nd opinion and the other vet told me not to. I know my bird would not have liked the bandage. He is doing ok, and it has sent bent... He is so cute. Do you think he will be able to walk on it again and perch? It was nice to hear your story..

Razzberry Corner said...

Samantha - I think your parakeet will be fine. Our hen with the broken toe, Danni, is fine. Her toe is still bent sideways, but she's able to walk fine. And she perches on the chicken roosts with no problems. Good luck!