Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Mystery of the Egg - Solved

The interrogations have begun to see who has given us the Second Egg.  
Yesterday the Lineup was created to organize all the suspects.  Today the interrogations took place.

First up, Leggy the rooster was questioned. 

He's the big man of the coop, he knows everything that goes on with his flock.  He's the brains of the operation.  Nothing happens that he didn't allow.  Leg kept his mouth closed during his interrogation, instead he opted to snuggle in my arms and take a nap inside my fuzzy coat liner.  He's still my little baby, no matter how big he gets.

Then I moved on to Puff. 

Puffy ran, peeping like a little chick.  He hid behind his momma, Freckles, and she wouldn't let us question him.  She said he was just a boy, despite the fact that he's the same age as Leg.  I don't question what Freckles says, she's my Momma Hen.  So, Puff didn't get questioned.

No luck so far.

Then I opted to talk to a very friendly man, the Little Yellow Rooster. 

We met up behind the waterer for a private conversation.  This Little Yellow roo is very friendly, he loves to sit on my lap, I knew he'd talk, especially if I gave him some cracked corn.  After all was said and done he provided some very good intel about the flock members.

Then Muffin was brought in for questioning.


Muff is Leg's right hand man, but Muff has a loose beak.  He never stops talking, singing, chatting, whatever.  He always provides good intel.  Muff told me not to let Leg know he talked, he's lose his status if Leg found out.  The Big Yellow Rooster has been talking to Leg about becoming his right-hand flock man, and Muff doesn't want to lose his status.

The rest of the birds were questioned, everyone had their turn sitting in my lap getting extra attention, neck rubs, and pets.

And finally...

Zoner was brought back in for re-questioning...  


It was brought up during the interrogations that Zoner was seen nesting, making beds, carrying straw on her back to the nest area to make a bigger bed.  Everyone likes Zoner, she's a popular gal.  When she gets startled, she goes off into her own world, zones out.  Sometimes she's seen staring at the wall, zoning out, in her own world.  But she's friendly, and especially loves her super-soft neck to be rubbed.  I used to think Zoner was a boy because she developed her comb earlier than most of the hens.  But since then I've changed my mind (when she became popular with the roosters).

And during my time in the coop yesterday, I watched as Zoner made a bed and laid another egg.  I thought Zoner was part Americana/Araucana because of her puffy face and lack of tail.  That would mean that she'd have colored eggs, not light brown.  But who knows... All I know is that she's laying little light brown eggs.

I made sure Zoner got some extra broccoli and cracked corn yesterday.  She's my little early laying girl.
The mystery is solved.


Poconoangel said...

Very interesting that it was zoner! Maybe she spends her time zoning out dreaming of being a big grown up hen like her mom.- Tell me, do you think those little funny shaped eggs would produce smaller chicks??- Congrads on solving your mystery!!

Gail said...

Glad you found out! Extra oats for her!

Country Girl said...

Better than PBS! Good sleuthing. And funny, too.

Robin said...

Ha Ha! Glad you found out who it was. I love the looks of Leggy by the way. What a nice looking comb he has.

AJ-OAKS said...

That was some good detective work!! I wonder who will be the next one to start laying? Hmmmm.

Razzberry Corner said...

Barb - I guess if those little eggs were to grow into chicks they'd start out small. I never thought much about that before.

Gail - Yes, Zoner has been getting extra attention, and she just loves it!

Country Girl - Thank you!!

Robin - Leggy has always been my favorite chicken, I guess because he's my only leghorn. He's so different than the others. His comb is beautiful, but it's always cold. When I am in the coop I cuddle Leg up inside my coat - it has a fuzzy white lining - so that his comb and wattles get warm again. Our coop has been freezing lately, even with 2 heatlamps going 24x7.


DayPhoto said...

What a cute story! Read just like my work! You even know all the players that work with me. Pretty cool.


Wife of a Fab Redneck said...

This is hilarious!!! Too cute!!!