Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mystery of the Egg, Continued

And so the interrogations continued... I have vowed to solve the Mystery of the Second Egg.

These interrogations include chickens that didn't make the blog last round.
The first to be questioned was The Big Yellow Rooster. 

He used to be quiet and shy, but once his hormones kicked in, he grew big and loud. Leggy, the Big Man Rooster, has made the Big Yellow Rooster the official announcer/crower. The Big Yellow Rooster announces everything to the flock, every noise, every time the chicken coop door is opened, every time I talk to someone in the coop, it is announced with a loud crow. There will be no secrets. The Big Yellow Rooster is wanting to be second in command under Leg; we'll see if Muffin, who is currently second, lets that happen.  The Big Yellow roo wouldn't talk because Leg and Muffin were present, ever listening.  He didn't want to let any chicken secrets out to the human world.   

The next to be questioned was Lucy.

Lucy is a sweet and quiet hen.  She has been seen hanging around the nest area, even assisting others with nest-making. Lucy wasn't a suspect because she is thought to be an Americana, which means she should lay blue or green eggs, when she does lay.  Lucy is very friendly and loves her soft and fuzzy neck to be rubbed.  She provided me with some good intel on the suspect after some neck-rubbing.

    Next I spoke to the Little Hawk Rooster.  That's what I call him, at least.  We used to have 5 chicks that looked like hawks or eagles.  Although their looks have somewhat changed, we still call them "hawks".

The Little Hawk Rooster and I met up behind the feeder for some private conversation.  I'm not positive this is actually a rooster; I have never seen him in that way with one of the young women (pullets) nor have I witnessed him crowing.  To me he is a very good-looking young man, if I were a pullet I'd keep my eye on him.  The Little Hawk Rooster was once a very sick little chick and spent a while in the chick infirmary in the house.  In fact, I posted a pic of him back then when he was sick.  He still is very friendly because of all that extra attention he got back then.  

The Little Hawk Rooster actually likes to hang out in the nest area and has been seen assisted the ladies with bed-making.  Sometimes he even sits on the nest for a short period.  Like I said, he has some feminine qualities, to each his own. He did open up to me, and told me about the ladies that he hangs with in the nest area.  He's a good boy. 

Lastly, Freckles was brought in for questioning.

Freckles is the original Momma Hen.  She is top woman in the flock.  She once killed a Guinea fowl because she thought it was going to hurt her baby chicks.  She is one tough woman, nothing gets by her.  She is the apple of Leggy's eye - he's been in love with her ever since he was just a chick.  Nothing happens in the coop without her knowing about it.  Freckles has been giving me eggs since last November.  She knows exactly what happens in the nest area, and yes, she told me who was blessing me with eggs. 

So, here they are, the two little pullets who are giving me eggs...

Zoner (Hen # 5) and Raspberry (Hen #6).
We all knew Zoner was laying, but didn't know about Raspberry until today.  There may be other pullets laying, too, but these two I know about for sure.  Zoner and Raspberry are sisters, and are Freckles' daughters.  Freckles can also be seen in the picture above, and also Betty can barely been seen in the bottom of the picture. 

Soon enough I will probably have more eggs than I know what to do with!   


Poconoangel said...

Omelets anyone!! Call me. -Barb

Gail said...

Tis spring, the eggs will come!

Count not the hens, but scramble some eggs and enjoy.

Cute post.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hi Lynn!
Ha the mystery story!
I thought the same thing about my "Ameraucana" hen, Sparrow, but she wound up being an "Easter Egger" type (Ameraucanas being much rarer). The Easter Eggers can lay anything from blue to green to pinky to pinky-brown eggs. I was desperately hoping for the blue or green, but she lays pretty much what everone else does: a light brown!!
All your roos have incredible combs!

AJ-OAKS said...

I love reading about the interrogations. Cracks me up. :) Yup, before you know it you are going to have lots of eggs! Time to start lining up friends who love farm fresh eggs!

Leigh said...

How exciting! I can't wait until we get to that point, though I have to admit that I'm loving having baby chicks. I liked "meeting" yours. You have a lovely flock.

Robin said...

How exciting for you. I can remember how giddy I was when the first eggs started coming from my hens.

DayPhoto said...

Isn't it fun to collect the eggs. Loved your story!


These Nine Acres said...

Great story. We are thinking about adding chickens to our farm this spring!